The Chic World of Leggings

Wondrously simple, fantastically chic, the legging is one fashion staple that no woman should be without. With their utilitarian origins dating back to the 14th century, leggings have been used in the military, as a day-to-day wardrobe item, to being an avant-garde item of clothing that one can use to express themselves. They are wonderfully versatile, and come in a wide array of fabrics, lengths, and colours. Depending on your own unique fashion sensibilities, you can dress a pair of leggings up, or down, if you prefer. They can be worn under dresses, with skirts, shirts, sweaters, shorts—the list is endless. Need tips on what look can work for you? Here are some pointers:

• Remember that leggings should at least go down to your calves. Anything shorter would make them look like biking shorts.

• Leggings are leggings. They are not substitute for actual pants. Do not wear them with skimpy tops—it will make you look like you’re heading to the gym. Think longer tops, maybe even dresses, so as to look casually-chic.

• Learn to accessorise. Whatever you’re wearing them with, be it a short, sexy skirt, or a figure-hugging dress, the right accessories will make or break your look. Add a wide, chunky belt to cinch in that waist.

Play around with shoes—you can wear flats, heels, or boots, depending on your mood and the look you’re going for. Remember that in as far as wearing leggings go, the world is your oyster. With so many options out there that are available to you, their versatility will allow you to wear them with practically everything. The key is to find a look (or several—you can, after all play around with their versatility) that you can call your own, and have fun with it.

Leggings come in all colours and patterns, so let us have a look at the best and most affordable options you have:


Where? H&M

How much? £5, 99!

What colours? Black, petrol, pink, dark red, brown, dark blue




Where? H&M

How much? £24, 99

Particular features: Designed by Versace



Where? Zara

How much? £19, 99

Particular features: These leggings come in an elegant glittery grey and are embellished with zips




Where? Next

How much? £15, 00

Particular features: they look like common leather leggings but are actually made of pleather





Where? Topshop (Go to www.topshop.com)

How much? £20, 00

Particular features: Bright pink, also available in beige; can be ordered on-line!





Where? Fashion-conscience (Go to www.fashion-conscience.com)

How much? £40, 00

Particular features: These unique leggings feature original Nordic prints; these too can be ordered on-line!




Where? Miss Selfridge

How much? £20, 00

Particular features: Laser cut leggings

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