The ChefPad: The tablet designed especially for cooking

Archos - ChefPadOur recipe books may be taking up lots of space on our kitchen counters, but they’ve become somewhat obsolete.

We tend to turn to food sites and blogs for inspiration these days. And, the good thing about searching online is we can simply tap all the ingredients we have in the fridge in and see what suggestions come up.

But our expensive tablets are at risk of kitchen mishaps. Ours has already escaped all sorts of spillages from flour to lemon juice, soup to melted butter.

So, having a budget-friendly option that is exclusively for use on our kitchen worktops is an appealing option. And that’s where French consumer electronics company Archos comes in.

The gadget maker has just unveiled the ChefPad, a device is says has been designed especially for the cooking enthusiast.

ChefPad Features

Essentially, it is what you’d expect to find from a tablet at the lower end of the price spectrum. It comes with a 9.7-inch screen, HD 1080p video playback, front and back cameras, Android 4.1, and a fast dual-core 1.6 GHz processor.

Chefpad tabletBut what sets it apart from the other competition in the kitchen is the Chef Apps selection where aspiring Delias and Nigellas can find cooking apps ranging from recipes, cooking tips and cooking TV to cooking assistant apps. The programme works by curating all of the best apps from Google Play to make it easier for the user to sort the wheat from the chaff to find what they’re looking for.

Loïc Poirier, who is CEO of Archos, says this is the first time Archos has used filtering technology but that consumers should expect to see more of it. “The ChefPad is the first Archos tablet to use this filtering technology,” he explains. “This is just the beginning for Archos tablets using this technology. We will continue to launch new and exciting themed tablets that curate apps in such categories as kids apps, games, educational apps, business/productivity apps and more.”ChefPad with a stand

ChefPad also comes with a silicone case that is designed to keep it safe from any water or food splashes while you’re cooking. There’s also an adjustable stand so you can find the best viewing angle to see your recipes while you stir your saucepan.

So far, the new device has garnered positive reviews. Pocket-lint says while Archos’ new gadget “doesn’t sound like a Nexus 10 or iPad-killer,” at a budget price point, “this wouldn’t be too shabby a device just to keep in your kitchen.”

Expected to cost $210 in the US and £150 in the UK, ChefPad could well be a wise investment for those who use their tablets a lot in the kitchen. Not only could it save you from spilling anything on your higher-end tablet, but it should put an end to that annoying moment when you’re busy reading a recipe, only for someone else in the household to come along and take the gizmo you were using to do their homework or check their social networking site.

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