The Canon T3 for Your Photography Pursuit

One of the most in demand DSLR at the present time is the Canon T3. Everywhere you go, you could see people with a

Canon T3

Canon T3

Canon DSLR around their neck. Photography cannot be spelled without a Canon nowadays. Among the DSLR offered by Canon that is commonly seen is the T3. You could be wondering what is with this T3 that it has become a hit to many photography aficionados. Well, read on and find out why.

The Canon T3, or what most people know as the 1100d, is among the basic DSLR that is designed for beginners. It is another great addition to the digital SLRs of Canon which provides high quality images. This DSLR is lighter than most cameras, which makes it very handy to carry. You can bring it anywhere you go and capture every moment. Since this is designed for beginners in photography’s use, technical terms are scrap off. The guides and handbook for this camera is in plain text which is can be understood easily, most especially for those who do not have the time to enroll at photography schools.

Capturing moments is easily done with the 12.2 megapixel camera. You can also capture quality photos even if the area has low light. You do not have to use a flash since it has a sensitive ISO of 100-6400. It also has high speed shooting that allows you to capture images at frames per second.

Another great advantage to using this Canon T3 is that is has wireless capability when transferring photos. Users can wirelessly transfer images directly to the computer or, they can readily upload it to the internet. This makes it easier to unload photos from the camera since you no longer need cables to connect it to the computer. Just a few clicks and you are ready to go.

Aside from taking quality photos, this DSLR from Canon also has video recording capabilities. The video recording feature of this camera is excellent and the controls are pretty much straight forward. This is the reason why this is easier to use. In addition, the battery life for this T3 is great.

When you look for a DSLR to use, try to check out the specification first. This will tell how whether or not the camera is of good quality or not. If you are just a novice to this, try the Canon T3 DSLR which is designed for beginners but will make you shoot like a pro.

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