The Brink: Liverpool’s First Non Alcoholic Bar

Launching on the 29th September, The Brink is a project that has been put together by Action on Addiction, to give somewhere for recovering addicts to get sociable without the drinking. It is an alcohol and drug free venue that will serve hot and cold food and non-alcoholic drinks, and it has plans to put on live bands, comedy and other entertainment, as well as providing a meeting space for training and seminars. With Liverpool having a huge drinking culture and city centre clubs and clubs also have a growing cocaine use culture, there is now a massive recovery culture and this causes great pressures on drinkers to use drugs on a typical night out.

Social nights out usually revolve around going out to clubs and bars and this increasingly makes it difficult for people in recovery to find somewhere to go that does not offer alcohol or be safe from drug abuse. The current situation in Liverpool is that if you want to go out and socialise the only places to go to are cafes and coffee houses that shut for the evenings. Moreover, in an increasing effort to get healthy, many people want to skip the alcohol intake and see a band or watch live entertainment such as a comedy show. With Liverpool topping the league table for admissions to hospital for alcohol related problems, there is a real need for a new kind of venue that caters to not only recovering addicts but people who want a night out that does not include alcohol.

The Brink has been designed to offer everything a normal bar might have such as live music, other entertainment, great food and coffee. It also looks very fashionable. It also means that it can be a bit more family orientated and somewhere that people, whether recovering from addiction or not, can mix together in the same place. And it serves my favourite non alcoholic beverages created by Peter Spanton, who we featured in an article recently. The Brink is funded by Action on Addiction and the charity is looking for sponsors and donors to contribute to it. You can find out more by clicking on the link. www.actiononaddiction.org.uk

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