How to choose the perfect wedding gifts

It’s the most important day of their lives so you want to make sure the gift you buy is the perfect reminder of their union.

While many couples choose to have a list for their wedding gifts, it’s not always necessary to buy from it, particularly if the only items left when you get to it are a £300 set of pans or a £5 garlic press with nothing at the price points in between.

And, as more people are getting married later in life, they often have all of the things they need for their home and opt not to have a list at all. It means more freedom in what you buy for your friends and loved ones.

According to expert Peggy Post, who writes for the famous Emily Post series of etiquette books, a wedding gift should be “a tangible representation of love and support, a generous offering to help married couples get a head start in their lives together.”

One of the best ways to represent that love is to buy personalised wedding gifts that serve as a lasting moment of the wedding day and are all the more special because they are especially tailored to the couple.

If you’re struggling to think of something to buy, here’s our pick of some of the best personalised wedding gifts to choose from.

Personalised Champagne and Champagne glasses

Engraved Champagne Grand Cru 2005 personalised champagne flutes

It’s the ultimate celebration drink, so what better way for the happy couple to mark their union than with a glass of Champagne?

Made by the Autreau family from Grand Cru vineyards around the village of Champillon, this special bottle of 2005 Grand Cru champagne can be engraved as a luxury gift.

And, the perfect set of glasses to drink it from has to be these two lightly cut crystal flutes. Each has a long, elegant stem and is decorated with Swarovski crystal. You can choose any engraved message on one side of each glass.

Mr and Mrs Pillowcases

Mr and Mrs pillowcases

For wedding gifts which add a touch of humour to proceedings, these pillowcases are a great addition to the marital bedroom. Unusual and useful, they have the wording Mr in black text and Mrs in Pink, then you choose the surname to complete the look.

Personalised wedding album

Personalised wedding album

While we increasingly store our digital images on our hard drives, rather than printing them out, wedding photographs are an exception, demanding to be displayed. This wedding album makes a delightful addition to any coffee table, meaning the newlyweds can easily and stylishly share their big day when visitors pop round.

There’s plenty of space for 72 portrait or landscape prints on the inside. And, outside, you can decide on a message to be engraved above and below the heart. You might choose to put the couple’s name above and the wedding date and venue below.

Engraved crystal vase

Engraved crystal vase

It’s used for all the happy occasions in life, the birthdays, anniversaries and thank you flowers. So, buying a vase to mark a wedding makes perfect sense. This one is modern and stylish so should look great as the centre piece to any room. You can add a personal message to the front, which is engraved with a diamond cutter to provide a quality finish.

Engraved silver plated knife and cake server

Engraved silver plated knife and cake server

Presented in a gift box, this set is ideal to use on the wedding day itself and then can be brought out for cutting birthday or anniversary cakes. Both the cake cutter and knife can be engraved with personal messages of congratulations or with names, wedding venue and a date perhaps.

Whichever wedding gifts you choose, they will all serve as a beautiful reminder of the big day.

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