The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Bathrooms seem like the least personal room in your home. After all, it’s where we answer calls of nature and get clean, not where we spend a significant portion of our time. But if you re-do your bathroom in an original and thoughtful way, you can make it into your favourite room in no time, and find yourself looking for excuses to take a bath every day! Whether you have a big, or a small budget, you can afford a quick bathroom makeover that will help you transform a drab tiled box into a sanctuary.

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First of all, decide on a colour scheme for your new bathroom. Remember that darker colours will make the room seem smaller, where lighter colours can open it up. Choose fresh colours that will help you feel awake in the morning, and make sure you enjoy the way they go together. If you’re redoing your entire bathroom, you’ll be able to find tiles in these colours… But if you need a less expensive option you can buy tile paint and redo your existing tiles with a paintbrush and some elbow grease. Don’t discount this option if you need a quick and easy way to spruce things up!

If you’re going to rip everything out and start from scratch, make a scaled-down map of your bathroom and make little models of your bath, toilet, and so on. These can be simple pieces of paper and needn’t be three-dimensional at all. Shuffle them about and figure out the best way to arrange everything. If you want to move some of the major appliances around, be aware that this can cost more money in terms of re-plumbing. But if you can afford it, go for what you’d most like to have!

If you’re constrained in terms of space, consider knocking a wall through and adding the floorspace of an unused bedroom to your bathroom to make it more sizeable. If this isn’t an option, be aware that you’ll probably end up with everything in the same place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make changes. Avocado bathroom suites can be changed for white ones and make the entire bathroom look very different, and the change of an old shower curtain for a new and fresh-looking one has a much bigger impact on your bathroom than you might expect.

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If you have considerable space in your bathroom, consider a double bath. These baths are twice as wide as a regular bath, and usually a little longer and deeper. While this offers your children a wonderful place to play and scamper, it also means you have a much more relaxing bath time for yourself and you can splash out on the model with Jacuzzi jets to offer extra potential for relaxation.

Finally, if you decide on a strict set of rules about laundry left in the bathroom, you can help keep it clutter-free and pretty-looking. Your bathroom can be a refuge and sanctuary every day and allow you to build more relaxation into your daily life!

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