The Best Travel Accessories

Whether you are off for a mini break in the UK, a two-week trip abroad or simply staying for a few days with friends, you’ll certainly need to pack a case to take with you, and although many people remember the essentials, there are some great accessories out on the market today which will take your trip to a new level. From highly visible suitcases to cameras with built-in GSP systems, you really cannot afford to go away without checking out our best travel accessories, guaranteed to make your stay a more pleasurable one.

Fancy an espresso but are miles away from the nearest coffee shop? Fear not, the Handpresso Espresso Machine, priced at around £83.60 and available from amazon.co.uk is the perfect way to enjoy perfect  premium quality coffee on the go. The Handpresso Machine works by inserting custom-built Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods, then to enjoy deliciously authentic espresso all you have to do is pump up the pressure, fill the reservoir with hot water, insert the ESE pod, and push the release button. Small enough to take anywhere, you can pack it into a case or hand luggage and wow your friends or travel partners with tasty fresh espresso on the move.

If you have taken hair dryers and travel irons with you on holiday before, you’ll know the importance of having a travel adaptor that fits all sizes of plug sockets in every country. The Fujifilm World Adaptor plus USB Charger does exactly that. It is a worldwide travel plug adaptor with 4 different sockets built-in. It includes an additional head with USB charging slot for charging iPods, mobile phones, PDAs and other 5V USB powered devices, in over 150 countries. This is an essential travel accessory for anyone on the move and the unique, patented system means that the required plug simply slides easily out of the housing at the push of a button. Available from around £16 from Google products or amazon.co.uk.

Nervous travellers will be pleased to know they can buy a 3 in 1 Mini Travel/Attack Alarm for only £10.99 from travelwithcare.com. It combines a PIR Motion Detection Alarm and a Personal Attack Alarm, and when activated, produces an ear splitting100DB+ siren, enough to attract attention. Included in the alarm is an LED torch to help to find car and door locks quickly in the dark and the PIR Motion detectors work within 3 metres. Available in pink or black, this is ideal for single travellers, students or for parents to buy their children who are back packing.

Finally, the best travel camera ever designed has to be the Fujifilm FinePix XP30, a tough little thing which is water, shock, dust and freeze proof, has 14 mega pixels and a built-in GPS system so you can record the location of every picture you take. This amazing camera will display your exact location in longitude and latitude coordinates or by place-name, and includes a navigational mode that gives you distances and directions to places you’ve photographed. Other features in the Fujifilm FinePix XP30 include a Motion Panorama mode for fantastic wide aspect photos, face detection technology, AF tracking, and easy uploading to social networking websites such as YouTube and Facebook. A steal at around £149, the cheapest we found it selling for was on Google Shopping for £128. You won’t want to come home!

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