The Best Pocket Size Gadgets

Gadgets come in all shapes and sizes but for now we are concentrating on only the smallest ones that you can pop into your pocket. They have exactly the same technology, work the same way as their larger counter parts, they just fit neatly into your hand. We’ve taken a look at the tiniest new gadgets that you can take almost anywhere with you.

glow ring - firebox.com

glow ring

If you’ve ever lost your keys on a dark night you’ll be pleased to know that the Nite Glowring is now available. These glowrings have a new technology which enables them to glow in the dark for over 10 years without batteries or recharging. They are filled with a special gas (tritium) which is encapsulated in a high density glass shell. A very useful and practical glow in the dark key-ring which can be utilised for a wide range of applications including camping, fishing, walking, scouts or just practical safety. GlowRings can be attached to anything via the key-ring and can be easily located from as far away as 30ft in complete darkness and will glow continuously for 10 years and beyond. Available from www.firebox.com for a special price of only £7.64.


apple ipod nano - apple.com

apple ipod nano – apple.com

Feeling bored at the gym? Want a super small MP3 player that doesn’t get in the way of your work out? Then have a look at the new Apple iPod Nano which measures a cool 3.8cm and weighs only 21g. The new iPod Nano is 46 per cent smaller, 42 per cent lighter and 100 per cent made for music with Multi-Touch. It’s the perfect size for a tap or a swipe, so fingertips feel right at home. The new built-in clip makes it easy to move to the music. Just clip iPod Nano to your sleeve, jacket or bag and wherever you go, your favourite tunes are right where you need them. Available from apple.com/uk for around £131 for 8GB and £163 for 16GB.

Henry Desktop Vacuum Cleaner - firebox.com

Henry Desktop Vacuum Cleaner – firebox.com

For the clean freaks amongst us, check out this super Henry Desktop Vacuum Cleaner from firebox.com. This iconic cleaner has now been made into a desktop feature and is powerful enough to hoover up crumbs and dust from your work space, and your keyboard, so you’ll never have to employ outside cleaners again. Henry only needs 2 x AA batteries to get him going and measures a teeny 10cm by 9.5cm by 10cm with his nozzle about 35cm long. Not so much a vacuum cleaner, more of a statement and your friends are sure to want one. At this price you can afford to get them one too, they are only £7.79.

If you like to talk whilst on the move you have to see the latest headset from Jawbone.

Icon Bluetooth Headset - amazon.co.uk

Icon Bluetooth Headset – amazon.co.uk

The Icon Bluetooth Headset features NoiseAssassin with wind reduction which eliminates noise in virtually all real-world scenarios. Innovative speaker design and signal processing improves inbound audio clarity and volume. Not to mention set it and forget it audio that eliminates the need to adjust volume from one caller to the next. It has an easy-to-operate On/Off slide switch and the simple-to-use button provides unparalleled convenience. It uses standard micro-USB charging technology, so you don’t have to carry more cables. And simultaneous Multipoint means you can manage two calls from two different phones at the same time. Simply the best Jawbone headset to date and available from amazon.co.uk for around £69.99 new.

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