The Best Pair of Jeans for Your Body Shape

Everyone would look great in jeans if only they knew what kind of jeans suits their figure best; you can choose different styles available in stores such as low-rise, bootleg, straight or skinny. However, you should consider your body shape before purchasing jeans or you might end up looking short, hefty or completely unfashionable. The first thing you need to do before buying a pair of jeans is to understand your body shape.

Women can have an hourglass, boyish or inverted triangle figure. Curvy women have an hourglass figure, which consists of a defined waist, rounded hips and bottom and an ample sized bust.

On the other hand, the so-called boyish or rectangular figure comes with an overall slim and slender appearance. These are women with an average to small bust size, barely defined waist and a flat bottom. Lastly, women with an inverted triangle figure have a similarity with the pear-shaped women; however, inverted triangle has narrow hips. Nevertheless, just like the pear-shaped, these women have ample to medium-sized bust size and an average to defined waist.

Hourglass figure

To accentuate your curves, you should choose stretchy denim with a nice smooth fit. Do not wear jeans with extra pockets at the back or any trousers that are baggy or too big; you would not want to look hefty or unsightly in your jeans. Your goal is to accentuate and emphasise your feminine curves instead of hiding or destroying your sex appeal.

Rectangular figure

Straight cut jeans or any trousers with a slight flare at the ends would look perfect on those with a boyish figure. Moreover, choose jeans that can emphasise your curves. Opt for jeans with back pockets, a contoured waistband and with acid or stone washed appearance to give you additional curves if you want them. Baggy jeans are not ideal for this figure, as these would definitely make you look shapeless.

Inverted triangle figure

Your goal is to create a lean and long look; hence, you should choose jeans with contoured waists, low-rise fit and side pockets for fuller hips. Not sure if you fall into this category? Just look at Rihanna, she has an inverted triangle-shaped body and is undeniably gorgeous; you might want to take inspiration from her looks as well. Inverted-triangle shaped bodies also look great in jeans with embellishments and light washes or fades that go along the legs; these contribute to creating a fuller and shapely hip area.

Last but not least, if you have nice legs but are not too happy with their “girth”, wear dark skinny jeans with a funky pair of ankle boots and you will instantly look taller and slimmer.

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