The best of men’s sweater this Fall/Autumn

Men's sweater

Men's sweater

There has always been a debate about what should be priority be – the latest fashion trends or the personal comfort. Well, that for some reason seems an unending tug of war. The summer will soon fade away and the cold winds bring the autumn back. Autumn is quite different from summer and of course, the fashion trends too are quite varied.

Over the last few years, the men’s fashion has reinvented trends that have created headlines. This autumn, sit back and check out the top fashion styles before swiping your credit card. Some success stories get repeated and fashion industry is no exceptions. This autumn, one of the best buys, is a men’s cardigan sweater. A cardigan sweater fills the need of the outerwear and in most cases, enhances your overall appearance. The key to buying a right cardigan sweater is to look at what shirt and trouser you are going to wear. For all the men who live in the corporate world, a cardigan sweater adds to the charm of the formal wear.  Now, that is the beauty of it – a cardigan sweater goes well with formals and casuals alike. There are many kinds of sweaters but I prefer a normal V-neck cardigan. This may be conventional but here is the point where overdoing something may go against your fashion sense. You can pair it with a simple shirt for a board meeting or with a Billabong tee-shirt. It is excellent to put on a cardigan sweater on a cool windy autumn evening. This is a must-have this autumn. Perhaps the best men’s fashions wear this coming season.

Cashmere sweater comes next and in my opinion, is second to none. A perfect autumn wear for any occasion and event. Cashmere sweaters always give a sharp and refined look to a person’s overall personality. No exceptions. The reason why cashmere sweaters are a runaway hit during autumns is because they are soft and gives a luxurious feeling. Arguably, the most sensible pick of the season, cashmere sweaters are made of finest goat wool to keep you warm. They have attribute of beating the cold compared to your favorite chardonnay. Over the last few years, the cashmere sweaters are in extremely high demand and have redefined men’s fashion wear. Last weekend, I went shopping and picked two. I know the autumn is just round the corner and it is always sensible to get something now that you may need in the future. This is a great need of the wardrobe and is among America’s best fashion picks this season. Planning to catch up with friends after work? Friday dressing just became smarter!

Of course, how can you ever forget the sweater that is increasing its sales by the day?  Again, among the America’s most popular and one of the best sweaters this season is Argyle sweaters. A popular sweater that has been around for years now has just taken a new turn. You cannot afford to spend autumn without an argyle sweater. The overlapping design is one of the easily distinctive features of this sweater. A close friend of mine thinks there is no better season and he always picks at least a dozen of argyle sweaters. This weekend, he picked his seventh of the season. A perfect fitting sweater just adds more class to your dressing. Argyle sweater is my personal favorite because of its design and make. The softness and cool-weather comfort factor besides the popular design is one of the reasons why this sweater is probably America’s favorite. It makes you look taller due to its rhombus shaped vertical pattern. If you go to a basketball game this season and happen to see Di Caprio there, it is highly likely you will see in wearing one.  

Men’s sweaters sell like hot cakes every autumn but keeping a sweater well is more critical. Sweaters are not made for rough and tough situations so a machine wash in lukewarm water is always recommended. You may want to pick colors like purple, white, brown, navy blue or even black. These are great colors and go with pretty much anything you wear. This autumn settle for a sweater that gives a suave look. After all, what you see is what you get. 

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