The Best Make-Up Brands for a Natural Look

Image: Glossier.com

Image: Glossier.com

It used to take a lot of work and a huge amount of makeup to create a natural look. But nowadays the trend has completely reversed. Natural brands are taking centre stage and skincare is at the forefront of what is most important.

It’s no use wanting to portray a dewy, youthful skin if you are caked in a heavy, clogging foundation. Customers these days are more concerned about what is going into their products and therefore what’s going onto their faces even more than ever.

This is in no doubt thanks to celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr, who have started up their own organic skincare range.

Brands are now listening to their consumers and are perfecting lighter, more authentic products with less chemicals and more nutrients.

One brand – Glossier, has as their tagline – ‘Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always.’ In fact, they started out as a skincare company first and foremost, and then branched into cosmetics.

At Milk Makeup the ethos is the same – what you are putting onto your skin has to be natural and good for it.

“I think the word that permeates everything right now is authenticity,” says Georgie Greville, cofounder and creative director of Milk Makeup. “Even if you do wear makeup, it comes down to what your skin looks like and who you are.”

“People are more health-conscious these days, and those decisions show up in your skin,” says Dianna Ruth, cofounder and product developer at At Milk Makeup.

“Some women don’t want to hide that skin under a lot of makeup, but they still want to play around with color. I love makeup, and I love that it can elevate your mood and be a quick add-on to brighten up an outfit.”

The following makeup products either contain healthy ingredients for skin, or incorporate skincare into the product.

As Greville says: “We’ve put the work into the products, so that they can be added on in a nonchalant way that simplifies your life.”

Milk Makeup - Lip + Cheek $24

A multi-use stick which can be applied on the lips or cheeks for a quick tint touch up. The Milk Melt Technology lets the formula melt into the skin on contact, and the added ingredients of mango butter, peach nectar and avocado oils give moisture to dry areas. Milk Makeup products are cruelty-free.

From: milkmakeup.com

lilah b. Palette Perfection Eye Quads $58.00

All lilah b. products contain natural and nourishing ingredients sourced from the earth or sea. They are typically enriched with aloe, agar and other botanicals. These two palettes of four have been created to compliment each other with shimmer and matt textures.

From: lilahbeauty.com

  • Glossier – Stretch Concealer $18

Glossier - Stretch Concealer $18

Glossier says that a ‘traditional concealer sets to a stiff, flat, dry finish—a dead giveaway that you’re wearing it’. Theirs is different as it is formulated using micro waxes which actually move with every facial expression, giving a much more natural look.  It also contains nourishing oils to give a youthful, dewy finish.  Comes in five colours.

From: glossier.com

RMS – Mascara $28

This mascara comes in two different formulas; one for creating volume and the other for definition. Contains rich, natural mineral pigments and certified organic oils, butters and waxes. Use plant waxes and raw ingredients to provide a rich emollient that is natural and nourishing for your lashes.

From: rmsbeauty.com

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