The Best Ice-Cream Makers – 2013

It has been awhile since we featured ice-cream makers on Shoppersbase, so we thought we’d have another look at these appliances, while the weather is warming up, and see if there have been any contenders to the list. And with the Met office predicting a scorching summer this year, what better time to check out some new models, to see which ice-cream makers offer the best value in terms of ease of use, affordability, speed and quantity. Here are our suggestions:


Lakeland Churn & Chill ice Cream Maker - £9.99This is an ice-cream maker that the manufacturers boast even children can use. So put them to the test with the Lakeland Churn & Chill ice Cream Maker – £9.99. Full instructions are included and children can make ice-cream and sorbets in about 15 minutes. The appliance is quick and easy to assemble, to make the ice-cream all you have to do is freeze the bowl beforehand, pour the ingredients into the ‘wafer’ tunnel and let the children turn the handle to churn the mixture into ice cream or sorbet. The 600ml bowl makes up to 300ml ice cream. 6 recipes are included. From Lakeland.co.uk


GOOD VALUE FOR MONEYAndrew James Ice-Cream Maker - £19.99

If you are looking for a great all-rounder ice-cream maker for a decent price, then the Andrew James Ice-Cream Maker – £19.99 fits the bill in every way. It produces wonderful soft scoop ice-cream in around 18 minutes, and can cope with summer berries, alcohol, and other ingredients with ease. The insulated bowl is fast freezing and is a larger capacity at 1.45litre capacity, the funnel is also extra-large, so it is easy to pour in the ingredients, and it comes with a free 128 recipe book. From Andrewjamesworldwide.com.


Cuisinart Ice Cream Deluxe - £69.99For those of us who love an easy life, cannot really be bothered to read the instructions, and just want as appliance where you bung in a load of stuff, and what comes out is a miracle, then the Cuisinart Ice Cream Deluxe – £69.99 has your name written all over it. Fully automated, and capable of producing 2 litres of home-made ice cream, refreshing sorbet or healthy frozen yogurt in less than half an hour. All you are required to do is freeze the bowl overnight and the next day you just switch it on, and away you go. From Lakeland.co.uk.


GOOD FOR LARGE FAMILIESBuffalo Ice Cream Maker - £129.99

Got a family the Von Trapps would be proud of? Then you’ll be requiring an ice-cream maker with a larger than usual capacity. How about the Buffalo Ice Cream Maker – £129.99, which has a huge 1.5lt capacity, enough to feed the most hungry of families. The appliance comes with a built-in compressor and features an LED display. There is no need to pre-freeze the bowl, you just add the ingredients and with half an hour you get delicious home-made ice-cream. From Nisbets.co.uk


Sage Smart Scoop - £349.99Think your ice-cream would stand up against Heston Blumenthal’s? It just might with the Sage Smart Scoop – £349.99, mind you, the celebrity chef did invent it. This ice-cream maker is the first that can adjust the hardness of the mixture according to how you like it, and will keep it ready until it’s time to serve. You can choose from 12 hardness settings so you can have either sorbet, frozen yogurt, gelato or ice cream. Use the pre-set automatic programs, or set it to manual for ultimate control. Comes with a generous 1L bowl that allows you to make a big enough batch for friends and family. It can even play an ice cream van tune when it’s ready! From Johnlewis.con

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