The Best Gifts for Father’s Day 2013

Whether your dad is a gadget-phile, a beer drinker, a sporty type or fancies himself as a bit of a muso, we have the perfect gift for him for father’s Day here. You won’t find any socks (apart from novelty ones), ties or book vouchers, only unique and thoughtful gifts, designed to make your dad proud and forget all about the trauma of bringing you up. Whatever your dad is into, make this Father’s Day one he will remember for a long time.


Stars of Carluccio's - Le Stelle

If your dad is a bit of a foodie he’ll love this hamper sent direct from Carluccio’s deli. This box contains what is described as the ‘star’ products and has been carefully chosen from the most popular with customers to staff favourites and the buyer’s picks. Items include a rich wild boar ragu, authentic fettuce and trofie pasta, pesto, a fabulous fig jam, proper cafetiere coffee and Gianduiotti chocolates.

Hotel Chocolat - For my Dad Collection

It’s not only ladies that love a bit of chocolate, and this gift from Hotel Chocolat includes a Special Reserve bottle of Ruby red port, ideal for sipping whilst scoffing the vintage Rabot 1745 Madagascar 72% Dark Organic 70g Bar and Praline Selection H-Box. Presented in a gorgeous keepsake box.


David Bowie Guitar Pick

Not seeing your dad this Father’s Day, but want to send him something special in the post? If he is of a certain age he will love this double-sided guitar pick which features an iconic picture taken from a session photograph for Aladdin Sane by Brian Duffy from 1973. The other side is actually the pattern redrawn from the original fabric from a jumpsuit worn by David Bowie on the cover of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Medium gauge, 0.71mm. Measures 30 x 25.5mm.

Musical Wine Glasses

You’ve seen that trick where you wet a finger and run it around the edge of a glass to make a high-pitched hum? Well this pair of glasses takes it to a whole new level. Made by London design studio Nostalgics, each glass features musical notations, corresponding with levels of liquid, so that you can play a tune. Simply wet your finger, hold the base of the glass and gently run your finger around the lip, or you can tap with your fork to hear your musical note ring out.


USB Fridge – £17.99

USB Fridge

If your dad loves any innovative or new device, he’ll love this. A fridge powered by your computer so that you can keep your beverage ice cool while you work away. This is a cool mini device that your dad will love to show off to friends and family. Comes complete with an LED fridge light and retro fridge styling, will hold standard 300ml cans.

Self Stirring Mug

If your dad is simply way to busy to stir his own tea or coffee, get him this self stirring mug, so that he can get on with more important things. All you do is flick the switch and the mug starts to stir by itself. Or, if your dad is feeling a tad sporty, he could always hold down the button on the top pf the handle and stir himself. Requires 2 x AAA Batteries (not included).


Silly Sock Sandals - £6.99

Is your dad one of those who constantly embarrassed you as a kid? Now you can get your own back with this pair of silly socks. The ultimate fashion fax pax, but if your dad has a sense of humour he will embrace the tourist look all year round. The socks feature a realistic design that will fool even the most canny fashionistas. One size fits all.

Sunshine T Shirt - by Layer Eight - £26

Does your dad bring you sunshine? If so celebrate him with this lovely tee-shirt, in an homage to the brilliant Morecambe and Wise. Dads of a certain era will know the ending to all the Morecambe and Wise’s TV shows, where they danced off the set singing ‘Bring me sunshine…’. This silhouette tribute t-shirt depicts the dancing duo in full flight and is sure to make your dad smile every time he puts it on.

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