The Best End of Year Presents for Your Child’s Teacher

When the end of the school year draws near, the question of what to give their teacher looms larger and larger with each passing day. While many parents either can’t or won’t spend a huge amount of money on this end of year gift, most do prefer to present a teacher with something to show their gratefulness for the year gone by. So what are the best presents to give your child’s teacher at the end of the year?

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Flowers, chocolates, and bottles of wine are quite common presents which will all be well represented. A little potted plant, a Terry’s Chocolate Orange or a bottle of Pinot Grigio shows your appreciation without straying into the realm of overkill. You can count on these presents to make your child’s teacher smile, but the wow factor will be missing.

A bottle of single-malt scotch or similar higher-priced liquor could be nearer the mark. Alternatively, some low-end champagne to celebrate the end of the year could offer them a bit of luxury in spite of their relatively low salary.

More whimsical presents such as the Little Book of Calm could be very charming. Despair.com offer some amazing demotivational calendars and other paraphernalia that could make gentle fun of the teacher’s profession.

Of course, you can tailor the present to the teacher’s subject. For a science or IT teacher, you can head to thinkgeek.com and grace them with a way to indulge their inner nerd. They’re sure to appreciate the sentiment and the personal touch shows you care. A teacher who is known to travel a lot may enjoy a personalised world map whereupon they can indicate the countries they have visited.

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If you’re creatively minded, then a homemade present can really take the cake. Almost literally, in fact; you could bake the teacher a cake or a set of themed cupcakes. Buy or make school-themed decorations and you can create a colourful and tasty assortment the teacher is unlikely to forget. Letting your child help will give the decorations that lovely homemade look and feel that will show your dedication to providing a present with heart.

A vase for those talented with clay or a small painting on a cheap canvas from your child can provide another take on the homemade present, allowing your child to participate in making the present and the teacher to receive something truly homemade.

The choice in presents for teachers is as wide as it is varied. Choose carefully and you could be putting an additional bit of brightness into your child’s teacher’s end of year. They’re sure to remember your child forever!

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