The Best Easter Eggs for all the Family

It’s that time of year again, when the daffodils are blooming, the kids are off school, the churches are full of worshippers and the shops are cram packed with Easter Eggs. Choosing an Easter Egg for various members of your family used to be a relatively easy thing to do, but now what with the extended choice in the stores, the price differences and battles of the costs between supermarkets, it has all gone a bit crazy. So we are going to have a look at some unusual Easter Eggs as I’m sure you all know where to get a Mars Bar or Snickers one for around a £1 if you wanted to! The ones we have sourced are a little bit more eggsciting (sorry, it had to be done somewhere in this article) and include eggs for children, for your partner and for mum and dad, so sit back, read on and anticipate the chocolate loveliness!


Easter Egg Hunt Kit – £29.99

A delightful pack containing all you need for the perfect egg hunt. Use our cute and colourful bunny cards to help your little ones find their chocolate surprises. And you can always top the eggs up with cheaper supermarket ones! Buy here from Artisan Du Chocolat.

Mr Bump – £3.49

“This is the sad story of Mr Bump. The trouble was that Mr Bump just could not help having little accidents. If there was something for Mr Bump to bump into, he’d bump into it all right. Poor Mr Bump!” The good news is that our yummy milk chocolate Mr Bump model will wipe away any tears if your little mr men end up with bumps and grazes. There’s certainly no better way to take away the pain than a yummy piece of Thorntons chocolate. Model is made from milk chocolate with white and dark chocolate decorations. Contains no artifical colours, no articificial flavours. Alcohol-free recipe. Buy here from Thorntons.

Little Miss Sunshine – £3.49

“As Little Miss Sunshine arrived home, here was Mr Happy out for an evening stroll. ‘Hello,’ he grinned. ‘Where have you been?’ ‘Miseryland!’ she replied. ‘Miseryland?’ he said. ‘I didn’t know there was such a place!’ Little Miss Sunshine giggled. ‘Actually’, she said. ‘There isn’t!” Well there certainly won’t be any long faces near you if you get our cute Littte Miss Sunshine model out. This delicious milk chocolate model tastes super yummy and will make any little misses smile. Made with milk chocolate with dark chocolate and pink decoration. Contains no artifical colours, no articificial flavours. Alcohol-free recipe. Buy here from Thorntons.


Raspberry Eton Mess Egg Sandwich – £8

Everyone loves an egg sandwich, which is exactly why we created these little beauties. And dare we say, we might even have improved on it – with irresistible slabs of raspberry and white chocolate, sprinkled with crispy meringue and raspberry pieces, sandwiched between creamy white chocolate egg shells. Buy here from Hotel Chocolat.

Dark Chocolate Giant Easter Egg with Sea Salt and Strawberry Caramel Shells – £30
Weighing in at half a kilo of the purest luxury chocolate, the giant Easter eggs are encrusted with colourful seashells with a delicious sea salt caramel and strawberry caramel filling. Entirely hand painted in bright marine colours, each egg is unique and made in our unique 71.1% pure dark single origin cocoa blend from Madagascar, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. Buy here from Demarquette.

Hot Cross Bun Egg – £19.99

These hot cross bun eggs are made with a delicious combination of raisins, orange and biscuits crumbs to create flavoursome, crunchy eggs inspired by the classic Easter treat, the Hot Cross Bun. Decorated with a marshmallow Union Jack this is the perfect gift for any adult looking for a grown up twist on the childhood egg treat! Add £6 for a larger egg and £1.50 for gift wrapping. Buy here from Artisan du Chocolat.

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