The Best Cities for a Romantic Getaway

So you’ve decided that it’s time for a romantic break with your partner. Time to shed the stresses and strains of daily life, leave the kids with a parent and the cat with a sitter, and jet off to the lifestyle of a couple with nothing better to do than see the sights, eat gourmet food and gaze into each other’s eyes. Sound good? Sounds great! So find out which cities will best provide for your romantic weekend away and pick the perfect place for you and your partner to enjoy some time to yourselves!

Paris is the all-time favourite and for good reason. Between the exotic French language, the fabulous food and the wealth in cultural activities in which to participate, you can count on a lovely romantic getaway. An added bonus lies in the fact that Paris is an appropriate destination year round, as it is no less romantic in winter than it is in summer. Paris offers a wide variety of photo opportunities, and as an extra bonus it is nearby and cheap to reach via plane or Eurostar. With its vast history of artists living in garrets, even a low-rated hotel is a romantic place to stay in this city, and if you’re looking to stay close to home you can do no better than the French capital.

Rome is another centre of romance, although you want to be careful as it is a huge tourist trap. If you have no interest in historical sites it’s perfect year round, but if you plan to visit the museums and the Sistine Chapel, the Forum and the Pantheon, avoid summers like the plague. The spring or autumn are the best times to visit Rome and enjoy a romantic few days away without being overrun with hordes of photo-eager tourists from every country in the world. That said, if you can make it during the milder times you will find a city that knows no equal in the world as far as romance goes.

New York is perhaps the paragon of romance, offering everything London does – only bigger and better. In winter, it offers a sparkling snowy wonderland, and in summer the relentless sun turns it into a dream. Between a Broadway show, a trip to the Met and a walk through Central Park, you’ll be completely enchanted with the Big Apple and you may find yourself falling in love with the city as you fall in love with your partner all over again. Downsides include the longer flight and the jet lag, but if you calculate your trip to allow for them you may well find it the best romantic getaway available to you and your love.

Romantic getaways are a wonderful way to reconnect with your spouse or partner, and if you pick the right city you’ll find yourself enjoying a wonderful time away from day to day life with the person you love. Enjoy the romance, and remember no trip will ever compare to the amazing journey you embark on when you choose to share your life with someone.

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