The Best Camping Gadgets

As summer finally hits and the hot days and warm evenings descend upon us, thoughts inevitably turn to holidays and cheap ones at that. What better way to spend a weekend away when the weather is balmy than outdoors, enjoying all that nature has to offer with al fresco dining and sleeping under the stars. We are creatures of habit however and even though we might only be going away for a few days, we still need to take our trusty gadgets and gizmos with us, our iPods. Smart phones and luxury camping equipment. With this in mind we have taken a look at the latest camping gadgets to make sure your trip over to the wild side is not fraught with too much inconvenience.


For all you techo lovers who cannot bear to be without contact to the outside world for less than 24 hours via your mobiles, have you thought about how you will charge them up when the battery fails? Well, worry not as we have found this amazing device which can recharge all types of mobiles up to 12 times on a single charge, and it is waterproof. The Powermonkey eXtreme Charger is powered by a solar panel or you can charge it by the mains before you leave home and is available for £120 from www.powertraveller.com.


Firestarters will love this new Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit available from www.firebox.com and costing only £21.49. It has slow burning tinder sticks which you light on the Zippo then place on the kindling. The Zippo lighter is made of metal – naturally – and is a matte Safety Orange to make it easily visible in your kit. The lighter uses a replaceable flints and a wheel to ignite the tinder sticks. The lighter seals with an O-ring to keep water out so it’s always ready when you need it.

If you fancy some luxury sleeping equipment you won’t go far wrong with this Gelert Sleeping Pod. Winner of the Camping Magazine Awards 2010, the Sleeping Pod is designed with comfort in mind & offers unrestricted body movement.


Its unique shape means you can curl up & turn inside the bag & sleep in any position you find comfortable. Available from www.gelert.comfrom around £54.99, they also have adult and junior versions available.


Finally, the LED Dynamo Wind UP Torch is a must have as it requires no batteries, instead you pull out the hand crank from the body of the torch and wind it to activate. Its powerful beam can illuminate a whole tent and has a durable plastic body and 3 LED lights that can be used anywhere, anytime without batteries. By winding the torch up for 1 minute it can generate 30 minutes use of the triple LEDs, and means you save money and time having to buy replacement batteries. Buy from www.halfords.com at around £6.99.

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