The Best Beach Gadgets

If you are heading off on your holidays then stop – and read this before you go! You’ll need to check our list of the best beach gadgets before you start packing because once you’ve gone and you are lying there, soaking up the sun, it will be too late. And I am not talking geeky toys either, well one is but it will keep your kids amused for hours so it is probably worth the money. The others are practical and you will wonder how on earth you ever managed without them

Towel Clips

Remember the last time you holidayed and you traipsed all the way down to the beach, set your sun umbrella up and then your towel was flapping around in the wind and you thought – why hasn’t anyone invented some beach towel pegs? Me too and thank goodness these Beach Towel Clips are now available from www.firebox.com at a very reasonable £9.99 for four. Just knock one of these hinged pegs into the sand at each corner of your towel et voilà!

UV Monitor

If you have ever worried about how long you have been sunbathing for and want an easy way to check out how long you can stay out in the sun for, then this is the gadget for you. The EB612 UV Monitor tells you exactly how long you can sunbathe for based on the UV reading, your sun screen factor and your skin type. Available from www.oregonscientific.co.uk for £29.99.

V.Ply Support

If ordinary deck-chairs prove to be uncomfortable after a while you might want to check out the Y.Ply Support. Ideal for those who suffer from back complaints, the Y.Ply Support is completely adaptable. Whether you want a back support while you read, a head rest for sunbathing, a footstool, or a camping chair, the compact steel frame and taut canvas will support you. It’s the perfect multipurpose prop for people on the go! From www.firebox.com again and costs £31.99.

Beach Ball

For fun in the sun and in the dark have a look at this super Light Up Beach Ball. With every bounce the light unit inside the Inflatable light up beach ball is activated and lights up and then changes colour. First you have to inflate your beach ball and insert the colour changing unit and then you are bouncing up and away!! Buy from www.bluw.com for only £7.99.

Camera Mask

Finally, check out this amazing Digital Camera Mask which is waterproof to 5m. Waterproof cameras are fine but by wearing this mask you can concentrate on swimming and the cross hairs make sure you don’t miss a single detail of your shot. Ideal for finding Nemo! Buy from www.firebox.com and it is reduced from £99.99 to £74.99.

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