The Best Barbecue Gadgets

Summer is finally here and it has actually stopped raining long enough for me to dust off my old barbecue and fire it up in readiness for some cheap sausages and burgers from Iceland! Just kidding, with all the time it takes to prepare the marinades, the side salads and the drinks, the last thing I want to do is get inexpensive meats to ruin the whole meal. I often think barbecues take more time preparing and looking after than a normal Sunday Roast dinner, but the pleasure you from eating al fresco is so much nicer. Guess that’s why we all put in the effort. With that in mind I have sourced some amazing gadgets to save time and effort the next time you hold your barbecue. Check these beauties out!

Hamburger Press

Hamburger Press from www.roullierwhite.com Everyone loves home made burgers and they are so easy to make and at least you know exactly what as gone into them but getting the authentic shape is tricky. Not any more with this clever device which you just tip the mixture into and hey presto – the burgers are compacted neatly so they cook evenly on the barbecue and don’t fall apart. Your guests will think you’ve gone to Waitrose! Cost a reasonable £15.

Meat Thermometer

Cooking meat on a barbecue can prove to be problematic as the juices should run clear but by pricking the meat you cause spitting and the fat can burn you. Use this Meat Thermometer to test exactly how hot your food is and don’t give your friends and family food poisoning in the process! The easy to read dial makes it a breeze to serve precisely cooked steaks and chicken to the exact temperature that is required. Available from www.johnlewis.com for £10.



Find that you are always burning your fingers as you try to grab hot food off your barbecue? Try these super Tongs for only £8.99 from www.whiskcooking.co.uk in super bright colours. Easy to grip in one hand, dishwasher safe and they have a loop so that you can hang them up on the side of the barbecue when you have finished with them. The non-stick silicone ends are heat-resistant to 575°F/300°C.


Hot Pot Bbq

I love two in one designs and this is pretty enough to give as a gift or to keep as a feature in your garden. The Herb Pot Barbecue has a separate base for your barbecues whilst the top part can be used for growing all kinds of herbs. It looks like a terracotta pot, but conceals a bbq grill underneath. Available from www.black-blum.com for £99.



Finally, ordinary brush basters tend to melt under the intense hot heat of standard barbecues. This one from www.formahouse.co.uk is heat resistant to 600 degrees and allows you to baste the meat while you cook it on the barbecue. Made from silicon and stainless steel and costs around £14.88. Now who’s gonna stick another prawn on the barbie?!

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