The best baking gadgets

With the Great British Bake Off proving to be one of televisions’ most unlikely successes, a whole new generation has been inspired to get out their cook books and have a go at making their own breads, cakes and pastries.

Returning for a third series, the BBC2 show has this time round cemented its reputation as the television sensation of the summer by pulling in 4.5m viewers.

Fans are tuning in to watch reluctant heart throb 21-year-old medical student James Morton compete against fellow home bakers to attempt to create the perfect tarte tatin or treacle tart before one hard working contestant is named the winner at the end of the series.

So, not one to turn the opportunity for eating some cakes down, we at Shoppersbase have rounded up all the best baking gadgets which should, we hope, turn even the most amateur of cooks into Michelin-style chefs.

Bosch MUM52120GB

The manufacturers latest mixing machine operates with a somewhat unconventional bowl-sweeping mixing motion that Bosch says solves the problem of any mixture being left around the bowl. With a big 700w motor, you can mix heavy bread and pasta doughs with ease or turn up the speed for whipping up cream, egg whites or biscuit doughs. RRP £249.99

kMix Hand Mixer HM791

For those who like their cooking gadgets on the retro side, the kMix Hand Mixer could be just the thing. Kenwood’s kMix range comes in a host of vibrant shades and also includes more heavy duty mixers. But for cooks who still prefer the mixing precision they can get by hand, this mixer comes with a 400w motor and five speeds along with beaters and kneaders for effortless mixing of all sorts of doughs and cakes. Costing £59.99, it’s certainly not the cheapest hand mixer you can buy, but it will create a style statement in your kitchen.

Panasonic SD2501wc automatic breadmaker

There’s no better smell than freshly baked bread and no better taste than fresh bread, still warm, and spread with real butter. So it’s no wonder that home baking is having something of a revival. Panasonic has built up a reputation for creating bread makers that gain rave reviews. With an 800g capacity, you can create 2lb loves. There’s a fast cook option if you’re in a hurry and a raisin and nut dispenser so you can add additional ingredients at any time during the cooking process. At around £140, it costs a lot more than your shop bought loaf, but could save you money in the long run.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

The crème de le crème of kitchen tools, the KitchenAid truly is a thing of beauty, with a price tag of £430 to match. And, talking of matching, KitchenAid’s appliances come in just about every colour in the rainbow so you should find something that fits in with your kitchen décor. Billed as the “ultimate in food mixers”, the KitchenAid has an all-metal construction which makes it particularly robust, a 10-speed motor and a tilt-up head design to make cooking up large batches easy so if the baking bug truly hits you, you can whip up treats for all your friends.

Whichever gadget you go for, you’ll be able to join in with National Baking Week, which takes place in October – happy baking!

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