The best apps for partygoers

With the festive season truly upon us, there are all those work dos, Christmas and New Year parties to go to. So here’s our run down of the best apps to get you in the party mood.


vjay app

If you fancy yourself as the next David Guetta then vjay is for you. It’s been optimized for your new iPhone 5 and for iPad so you can create and mash-up your own music videos using your iTunes library before sending them wirelessly to your HDTV – perfect viewing for while you’re getting ready to go out with your mates, or if you’re having a party at your house. It costs £1.99 for iPhone and £6.99 for the iPad version.

Get Taxi

Taxi app

If you’re still one of the, seemingly decreasing, numbers of BlackBerry owners, then this app is designed to help you get home safely. It’s free to download and you get full details of your driver to make sure you’re getting into a licensed cab, along with a radar feature so you can check how far away from you they are. When you download Get Taxi, you also get £7 of credit to go towards a black cab fare.

Google Maps

google maps (1)

Pretty invaluable for anything, Google Maps is back for iPhone owners and, with its turn-by-turn voice navigations, it means you need never get lost trying to find a party venue again. Free to download from iTunes.

Gif Camera

gif camera

Great for recording what goes on at your festive do before sharing with guests the following day. You create your own animated gifs by recording a video on your smartphone. You can then change the timing and frame speed for comic effect and save your efforts before sharing on Twitter and Facebook. Gif Camera is for Android devices and is free to download.

Where’s the Party?

Where's the party

This app helps you organise yourself if you’re the host or guest, keep track of your upcoming events and navigate your way to and from the party.

Party Pro

Party pro app
Turns you into a professional bartender with a huge drink library of 20,000 drink recipes so you can impress your friends with your cocktail-making prowess. There’s also a bar locator with GPS if you’re struggling to find somewhere to go and a liquid unit converter to make sure you get your measurements right.

Party Hour

Party Hour

This app lets you build your very own playlist in no time at all. Each song on the playlist is automatically cut down to one minute, so you never get any silences between tunes.

Reverse Charades

Reverse Charades

We all know the usual game of Charades, but this app is Charades with a difference. Rather than a group guessing one person’s clues, you do it in reverse. A group acts out the clue while a single person tries to figure out what they are doing. The clues require teamwork and include such words as Honeymoon and Parade so they should soon break the ice at your gathering.

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