The Best and Worst Dressed at the Met Ball – 2013

Met BallThe theme for this year’s annual Costume Institute Gala in New York, alternatively known as the Met Ball, was ‘punk chaos’, and whilst some of the stars featured embraced the style, and looked absolutely stunning, many fell short of what is considered to be fashion industry’s chance to show off.

Stars in attendance at the 2013 Met ball included Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour, Ivanka Trump, Anne Hathaway and Sienna Miller, but who wore what on fashion’s big night, who triumphed and who should have stayed at home?

Well, some say there is no excuse in being pregnant as to why you cannot dress beautifully and wear clothes that flatter your bump, rather than make you look like a huge heifer, think Kate Hudson or Natalie Portman. But poor old Kim Kardashian chose an all over patterned dress designed by Givency that wouldn’t have looked out of place as a pair of curtains hanging up in a country cottage setting. She teamed the atrocious outfit bizarrely with matching gloves and shoes.

And perhaps it is a sign of the times that Madonna also wore Givenchy, and resembled a weird country type dominatrix, and actually looked a little bit smug with what she was wearing. Is her stylist afraid to say no to her I wonder?

But now onto the best dressed, our favourite by a mile is the lovely Gwen Stefani, and the punk theme is probably straight up her street. She wore Margiela, one of the most anti-establishment brands available., and completely rocked the whole look. She donned an oversized statement bow-tied top and puffy skirt and gave the traditional punk look a modern twist.

Second up is Elizabeth Banks who wore a striped, stitched Atelier Versace blazer minidress, a breath of fresh air when you consider that red carpet stalwarts such as Hedi Klum wear still wearing bustier gowns and boring us. Banks sexed up this rebellious look and loved loved her fringed stilettos. A great anti-red carpet get-up, which was what the evening was all about.

Kristen Stewart is probably renowned for wearing edgier style outfits on the red carpet, I mean, she is the face of Balenciaga for goodness sake,and she certainly didn’t disappoint last night. Wearing a lacy, silky Stella McCartney jumpsuit, she also completely agreed with The Costume Institute about punk’s message about provocation: “Provoke. Please provoke something. Do something.”

Now here is proof that you can wear a Givency gown and look stunning, without adding any extras or dressing to appear younger. And Rooney Mara is one girl who can wear this all white concoction and still manage to look deadly in it. She complemented the sweet gown with black lipstick and a cropped black hair do.

Miley Cyrus so often gets it wrong, but not this time, looking stunning with her new spikey hair do and the flattering her long-sleeved fishnet Marc Jacobs column dress. Just goes to show you don’t need to flash the fesh and you still get the same sexy and dangerous effect.

Trust a Brit to understand the punk theme and Cara Delevingne gets it spot on. Cara wore a plunging hedgehog-spiked Burberry gown with her signature dark eyebrows and even model suggested she was getting a tattoo, after the ball!

With a new blond crop, Anne Hathaway dressed up Valentino after he prompted her with “Have you ever done punk, darling?”. The dress was surprisingly elegant but with an edge and went well with her smoky eyes, and a flash of side boob.

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