The Best Affordable US Beach Holidays

If like me, you are longing for white, sandy beaches, crystal turquoise seas, and warm climes, but have to live on a budget, fear not. Because not all holidays bear a Maldives price tag. In fact, there are some pretty amazing holiday deals right here on the US doorstep.

We have picked six affordable beach vacations that won’t hit your wallet. Time to start planning your 2015 holiday!


Tenorio Waterfall, Costa Rica - Image: Colinasdelsolcr

Tenorio Waterfall, Costa Rica – Image: Colinasdelsolcr

Costa Rica is one of those destinations that remains pretty much unspoiled and natural. If you like a laidback approach, don’t mind the basics in a cheap B&B and love to explore then this is the place for you.

Costs – Expect to pay from $400 for a roundtrip flight from most major U.S. cities to San Jose.

B&B prices start from $55 per night for a double.


Puerto Rico - Image: jurickphoto blogspot

Puerto Rico – Image: jurickphoto blogspot

The island of Puerto Rico features high rise hotels and a bustling town centre. But those who want a more tropical setting should head east to the coastal town of Culebra. Featuring white, sandy beaches, clear azure seas and a friendly village culture.

Costs – Flying from New York to San Juan will cost you around $350 for a roundtrip; from there you’ll need to get a flight to Culebra for about $105.

There are loads of cheap accommodation available on the island with basic hotel rooms costing $72 per night for a double occupancy.


Kona Hawaii - Image: Yolasite

Kona Hawaii – Image: Yolasite

Hawaii can be expensive, but not if you travel to the right place. Kona situated in the Kohala Coast, for instance, is a small village nestled between the most expensive resorts, but offers just as much. You get exactly the same amenities but for much less.

Costs – Flying from LAX, prices start from $550 for a roundtrip.

To get a really good deal on a hotel, use a site like Trivago.


Playa Del Carmen - Image: Wallpaper download

Playa Del Carmen – Image: Wallpaper download

The resort of Playa Del Carmen is a haven for those with a hippie way of living. The go-to destination for backpackers, expect to find reefs for snorkelling, hipster cafes and arty boutique hotels. It’s also only a few miles from Cancun which is a major city and as such, has plenty of flights.

Costs – Flying from major U.S. cities to Cancun start at around $400 for a roundtrip.

Hotel booking sites will have some amazing deals, but as a guide expect to pay around $80 for a double occupancy.


St Croix US Virgin Islands - Image: Izi Travel

St Croix US Virgin Islands – Image: Izi Travel

Two destinations in the Virgin Islands now. Saint Croix lies on the east and is a tiny island that you can only have dreamt of. Palm trees, sand like white talcum powder, warm clear seas and wonderful weather.

Costs – Most major U.S. cities will charge around $400 for a roundtrip.

Even the more costly hotels have cheap rates, with an average of $90 a night for a double room.


St John US Virgin Islands - Image: St-John

St John US Virgin Islands – Image: St-John

The island of Saint John does have a wealthy side to it, but sticking to the North Shore will give you more affordable options. Maho Bay, for instance, has long stretches of beaches and calm waters which are ideal for snorkelling.

Costs – Be flexible on your dates and you’ll find roundtrip flights for under $400.

If you don’t mind sleeping under the stars, why not try an eco tent which sleeps up to five and costs around $135 per night.

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