The Benefits of a Futon Mattress

The futon mattress addresses the problem of having very little space for a bed.  This is a problem faced by many people – college students in cramped dormitories, young professionals renting small rooms in boarding houses, newly-weds who have a small studio condominium unit and other individuals who just have too many furniture and equipment to have a space for their bed.  Futon mattresses are also good options for people who want their beds to double as a sofa.

The futon mattress originates from Japan.  The Japanese do not put their mattresses on bed frames and instead place them on mats.  There are many versions of the western futon and most are put on bed frames, but the idea of the original Japanese models still remain.  Futon mattresses are usually aired out and beaten with bamboo sticks to release the accumulated dust and possibly, mites.  This is the traditional way of taking care of the mattress.  If you do this regularly, your futon can last for at least 7 years, making them competitive with other mattresses.  Natural futon mattresses are also environmentally friendly and healthy because they are made of 100% cotton.  Because of the great ventilation that cotton provides, they offer more support to our body.  And because futons are cheaper than regular mattresses, the price is another advantage that we can have with them.

However, futons are not advisable for families who have children who like to jump on mattresses.  Futons don’t have springs and are not conducive for jumping.  Because of the natural material that the futon mattress is made of, there are maintenance issues that we also have to address.  If it is going to be used by a baby or a child, make sure that you have a plastic or vinyl cover before putting the bed sheet to avoid damaging the mattress in case of accidents.  You will also have to turn the mattress over at least once a month to make sure that it retains its shape.  And as already mentioned, regular airing of the futon mattress is needed to ensure its long life.

Futon mattresses offer a great option for people who want alternatives to big and bulky beds.  Futons are suitable not just for small spaces but also for guest rooms that are not used regularly.  When you go out to buy your futon, make sure that you try it first by laying on it.  It can be beneficial to try out the futon beds of your friends and family if someone has it.  In the end, the futon mattress may be the best choice you have whether you have a small or big space in your room.

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