The bare essential look

The bare essential look

The bare essential look

Looking beautiful is not always about wearing layers and layers of makeup. Looking beautiful is not about applying too much of blush, eyeliner, gloss, lipstick, liners, foundation, compact and shimmers. Looking beautiful truly is simply about being simple and natural. Gone are the days when only makeup was considered beautiful. It’s the era of being natural, being beautiful and being you.

I never like people who apply too much make up. It’s shocking to see how different they look without make up. Makeup is not healthy for skin. Over constant use of makeup, your skin tends to become dull and old before age. Makeup does not give your skin breathing space. When that does not happen, your skin tends to grow and look old before time. Excess makeup fades away natural beauty.

There is not just one but many reasons why you should sport a no-make up look or at least the bare essential look. Minimal makeup is best. It does not hurt your skin so much plus it makes you look good and gives you confidence. You want to go with minimal makeup if you are a school going or a corporate employee. Or you just want to look ‘the real you’. When you wear minimum make up, it brings out your natural beauty. Minimum make up enhances your real beauty, where as too much make-up hides your natural beauty behind layers.

Too many advantages exist with minimum make-up look; first of all it saves your skin from early aging. It cuts down your money spent on makeup and gives you a healthy looking skin. It boosts your confidence in yourself. I believe in bare essential look, I like to go natural. When I want to get to a party, all I do is wear a little compact, natural tone eye shadow, gloss and liner. And I am ready. I look beautiful and radiant. My skin glows as it is not hidden in layers of unessential makeup.

It’s not easy to have a healthy looking skin; great care has to be taken for it. A healthy regime has to be followed. You can follow certain tips for healthy skin like drinking loads of water, washing your face twice a day, applying light SPF, exfoliating at least twice a week and eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can.

By enhancing your features you can look gorgeous. Maintaining trimmed eyebrows will make you look fabulous. Always keep your lips supple, use either Vaseline or gloss. Wash your face with cold water in the morning to get rid of puffiness and for making your eyes look wider. Getting a hair cut that suits your face is the best way of looking natural, simple and gorgeous. Select a hair cut that compliments your personality. You can also add a hint of color to your hair for making it look stylish.

Go natural with minimal makeup

Go natural with minimal makeup

If you have to have some make up, then minimum make up is the key. Try to avoid makeup in regular days. But when you are up for a party, go with little makeup, not much, remember the bare essential look – it’s the best. So doing that will make you stand out. While everyone is looking the same, you tend to stand out with your gorgeous looking natural skin with just a hint of makeup. 

By minimum makeup we mean using a simple liner for your eyes, lip gloss for your lips and little foundation and concealer to hide those spots, who have any. Invest in eyelash curler if you don’t have thick eye lashes or if you have straight eye lashes. Eyelash curler gives your eye lashes volume that will make you look pretty. You can apply little Vaseline on eye lashes after giving them a slight curl, so that they stay curly for long time. Looking natural is all about using minimum makeup. If you want to look different in the crowd of people who are covered with layers of foundation and powder, then minimum makeup is the trick. It will catch all the eyes and will make you look confident, healthy, glowing, feminine and gorgeous all at the same time.

Go for bare essential look and look the best in you. The more you look natural the more you will fall in love with yourself. Be good, be natural, and that’s the way to live a healthy and beautiful life!

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