The app that’s got Apple’s co-founder all excited

CycloramicIt’s the new app that’s got the technology world in a twirl – even Steve Wozniak who founded Apple with Steve Jobs is said to be hooked.

Created by Bruno and Rebecca Francois, an Anglo-French couple who live in the US, Cycloramic is an app which lets your iPhone take panoramic video all by itself.

As Cycloramic’s Facebook page says: “Gathered around a dinner table, in a bar, in a club, at home, at a conference table, or at a historical monument? Cycloramic allows you to capture the moment (handsfree) in a unique and fun way while making you and your phone the talk of the event.”

You simply stand your smartphone upright on a smooth surface and the app vibrates your gizmo so that it slowly spins in a circle, taking video as it goes.

Cycloramic imageAlthough Cycloramic works best with the latest iPhone 5, because it vibrates differently to earlier models, it can be used with an iPhone 4 or 4S as long as it is placed on a level glass surface.

Wozniak, who invented the Apple I computer and the Apple II in the 1970s, described the app as “unexpected, fanciful and useful all at the same time” after using it to make a panorama of his kitchen.

You have to make sure your vibrator settings are correct for Cycloramic to work, either on Vibrate on Silent or Vibrate on Ring. Once you turn it on, the app will continue to spin your phone until you press Stop.

Either the rear or front-facing camera on the iPhone work with the app and you can then save your 360 degree videos to your camera roll.

At the moment, there is also a redundant Choose option, but the developers say that will come into play with a future version of the app which will let users share their creations through social networks like Twitter or Facebook.Cycloramic pic

You can see how Cycloramic would be lots of fun to use at a party before uploading the content to share with friends.

It could also have more commercial uses – by estate agents for example who want to want to take panoramic video of rooms within a property.

Cycloramic Steve Wozniak kitchenCycloramic costs $0.99 so we’re sure no one will be put off by the cost. It does have a few competitors though. There’s Viddy, which allows you to easily turn life’s little moments into videos before sharing them. And there’s rival 360 Panorama which turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a 360 degree panoramic camera. You just pan the camera and your images are stitched together seamlessly.

The attraction of Cycloramic though is watching your iPhone do the same, all by itself and the app has already won over critics from the world of technology.

Smartplanet.com says: “Cycloramic is one of the most dazzling apps this year, both for making tripod-quality panoramic shots possible without a tripod and for being a cool party trick.”

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