The App that lets your kids create mess-free pictures

Crayola imageIt’s a great way to while away a rainy afternoon – getting out the crayons, paints and paper to let your little ones create an artwork.

But, not only can it prove messy to clear up, it can be difficult to tear your children away from their gadgets and gizmos. So, Griffin and Crayola’s new partnership combines the best of both worlds – a way for you to avoid the mess and still allow your kids to play on their, or your, tablet.

CrayolaDue to be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Crayola Light Marker has a touch of wizardry about it. You draw in the air and then watch as your creation miraculously appears on your iPad – clever huh?.

Griffin Technology, probably best known for its Apple accessories like the Survivor case, and Crayola, whose products have been used by generations of children, have come together to come up with new ways for budding artists to create their own digital masterpieces by using state-of-the-art mobile technology.

Mark Rowan, who is Griffin Technology’s president, spoke of his pride in having helped to create the “new and exciting technology” for young artists. “Crayola Light Marker allows children to create digital works of art in a totally new and colourful way that has never been done before,” he explained.Colour and Play Workstation

Warren Schorr, head of Crayola licensing, added: “The new Crayola Light Marker is a wonderful example of Crayola’s creative play in the digital landscape.”

The gizmo works through a glowing marker-shaped pen which is combined with a multi-activity app so you can colour and paint virtual pictures on the iPad.

The front-facing camera on the iPad detects movement made by the Light Marker in the air, magically drawing on the screen.

Crayola Digital Activity CentreThe app includes lots of different activities including dot-to-dot, colouring pages, puzzles, hide and seek, free draw and paint splatter.

Due to be released this Spring, Crayola Light Marker will retail for $29.99 and the companion app is available for free download from Apple’s App Store.

Also due for release is the Crayola Digital Activity Centre, which sits on your child’s lap and can be used either with or without an iPad. With the iPad, there’s a built-in screen cover which shields the iPad while still leaving access to the headphone jack, camera and dock connector. Used without, it is a lap desk with a hard colouring surface and dry-erase board. RRP $39.99.barbie colour studio

Or, you could choose the Crayola Colour and Play Workstation, which is a bit like a child-friendly briefcase. An all-in-one iPad workstation, it includes a built-in carrying handle and storage cubbies for crayons, markers and digital colouring tools. It costs $19.99.

The new releases are perfect for using with new apps released by Crayola. Try out the HD Barbie Edition featuring Barbie and her friends or, for little petrolheads, the Hot Wheels Edition. Both are available later this month for $2.99 from Apple’s App Store.

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