The Amen Solution: The Secret to being Thinner, Smarter, Happier

Yet again there’s a new diet in the media but this one is a little different. It focuses on the reasons why people cannot lose weight and suggests that it is your personality type that dictates how much you eat.

By understanding which type you are, you can then identify your weaknesses and work out how to overcome them. Dr Amen states that there are five different personality types – compulsive, impulsive, anxious, emotional and compulsive/impulsive.

He highlights certain traits within these types so that you can identify which one you are and then provides an eating plan for each one. So what should you be looking for to identify your type?

Compulsive Eater – Traits include being argumentative, bearing a grudge, prone to excess and having trouble sleeping. What would help you are eating brown rice, salmon, sunflower seeds. Food not to eat include high protein diets and caffeine.

Impulsive Eater – Traits include eating when you are not hungry, easily distracted, being disorganised, and frequently running late. What will help are eating steak, fish, chicken, eggs, turkey, green tea. Stay away from sugary diets or high carb ones.

Anxious – Traits include muscle tension, nail biting, regular headaches, heart palpitations, shyness and feeling awkward in social situations. Things that help are eating wholegrains, dairy products, citrus fruits, almonds, lentils and spinach. Not to eat include too much animal protein.

Emotional Eater – Traits include comfort eating, prone to anxiety, feeling lonely, low self esteem, suffer from IBS and headaches. Things to help include eating eggs, oily fish, walnuts and broccoli. To avoid are not getting enough sleep.

Compulsive/impulsive – Traits are shared from compulsive and impulsive categories and include thinking about food al the time. Things that work include getting enough sunlight and green tea.

To conclude – The Amen Solution is a brain based diet program that is focused on understanding how the mind works and is involved in certain eating behaviours, as well as improving brain health in order to bring about lasting weight loss. This program will appeal to dieters who would like to learn more about the brain and the role of nutrition and other lifestyle factors in promoting optimal brain function.

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