The all New Canon SX230

The new Canon SX230 is built with sophisticated features that are a top of the line in terms of digital photography. This state

Canon SX230

Canon SX230

of the art gadget has been fully loaded, as if there is nothing more to ask for in terms of a camera. Considered as the most high-tech feature of this Canon line is the GPS or Global Positioning System. This GPS allows global access through satellite reception. You may get to know latest news about weather forecast or probably locate places all over the globe. This is the first among digital cameras and it was powered by only Canon.

In the past, there is a predicament in taking photos especially in low light setting. With Canon SX230, there is a new feature called High Sensitivity CMOS Sensors which improved capturing of photos in low light. Not only is this camera meant for photography, it was also built with video taking feature. This new camera is capable of recording 1080 high-definition video. This type of camera is advisable for bloggers who may want a high-end camera that is portable and easy to tag along anywhere. The creation of this SX230 is simply a breakthrough in digital photography.

The all new Canon SX230 has also a 3 inch wider screen display. It also supported a clearer photo output, the dpi or dots per inch have been improved from 230,000 dots to 461,000 dots. Imagine the clarity of the photo with such a dpi. The advantage is, even when you scan and zoom a photo, a high dpi may counter the blur. The uploading of photos in the past was seemed made easy by the availability of SD cards on computer slots. In case of high-end phones like I phone or Black Berry, you may upload photos directly to your mobile in respective social networking sites. In case of this new camera model, it has what is described as Eye-fi or a kind of support to which pictures can be transferred wirelessly.

The new SX230 is proven to surpass all other digital camera in the same class. We never thought that such camera can be created or reinvented. All we know is that this camera is a good new to all photography aficionados. Start journalizing your memorable times through taking pictures. Keep in mind the new Canon SX230 and see the difference in digital photography.

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