The Advantages of Installing a Walk-In Bath

You do it everyday without a second thought. Or maybe you enjoy one at the end of an evening. Whenever you do take a bath, you’ll probably hop into it without even wondering how people who have joint and mobility problems cope with getting in and out. As we get older, our general health starts to deteriorate and as it does, this is when the hot, comforting water of a bath could have real health benefits. Easing arthritis, stiff legs and arms, or just being able to relax and get clean are of major importance and can enable elderly people to remain in their own homes for much longer. Studies have shown that if our basic hygiene levels start to fall, so does our general interest in life and therefore the installation of a walk-in bath could actually add years onto people’s lives, who may have otherwise given up.

So the first step is to choose whether a bath or shower will be best for you. If you have problems bending or sitting, then you may prefer a walk-in shower. If you’re comfortable in a bath and your only issue is getting in and out, then a walk-in bath could be the perfect solution. AgeUK are a great way to get unbiased and friendly advice about walk-in baths. They also sell them and can arrange a trained specialist surveyor to visit you at home to assess your bathroom, who will then provide you with a written quote with no obligation to buy. A good mid range walk-in bath is the Adagio Walk-In Bath. It has a compact design, which is ideal for small bathrooms but is deep enough for a long soak, available in two widths with a completely watertight, wide, inward opening door and has an integral seat which is contoured.

Britannic Baths offer an obligation free survey which provides a detailed quote, allowing you to make the final decision. They are so confident in the service they provide, that they will match any like for like quote, from any of their competitors. They also offer a full installation service from removing your old bath or shower to full installation of the new one. Prices start from £3495 which includes removal of your old suite, installation of a new walk-in bath complete with grab rails, bath lever taps, thermostatic mixer valve and installation typically takes one day. To book a visit from one of their consultants or to request a free brochure, go to britannic-walkinbaths.co.uk or you can ask for a call back when it suits you.

The Walk In Bathing Company specialise only in walk-in baths and for complete luxury check out The Luxor, with an inward opening door to allow you to  simply walk in and bathe, and the easy to use twin roller motorised seat belt will gently lower you down in complete comfort. The seat belt is operated by easy to reach buttons on the side of the bath that gently and evenly lower you right to the bottom of bath. When you have finished your bath, simply press the easy to reach buttons and the belt gently lifts up into a comfortable sitting for you to exit safely. For more information go to walkinbathing.co.uk or call on the freephone number 0800 919 749.

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