The Advantages of Infrared Technology as Used in Char Broil Grills

Anybody who is a big fan of barbecues and grilling is almost always familiar with Char Broil Grills, being on of the most popular manufacturers of barbecue grills in the United States. The company has been producing state of the art and high-quality grills for quite some time now, therefore resulting in the loyal customer base that they have managed to add to through the years. Everybody knows the importance of having a reliable grill especially when hosting a large barbecue party with a lot of guests, and this has been incorporated in the company’s marketing strategy with positive results. If you are planning on purchasing a grill for your patio or backyard then here are a couple of models from Char Broil that you can choose from.

The Patio Bistro Infrared Gas Grill is suitable for a small patio or deck where you can easily roll it into place wherever and whenever you need it. It provides 320 square inches of grill space, so you’ll have plenty of room for about 8-12 hamburgers all cooked at the same time. The infrared technology used by the company in this particular model helps in the even distribution of heat on all parts of the grill, thus ensuring that the food is perfectly cooked each and every time. It also has an automatic ignition, so no more worries about getting singed every time you use it. The Patio Bistro is great for small barbecue parties or weekends when the family wants to have old-fashioned barbecue outside.

The Char Broil Quantum Infrared Urban Gas Grill on the other hand features two folding shelves on its side that are perfect for placing your grilling essentials or perhaps for heating those hamburger or hotdog buns and a lot more. Capitalizing on the use of infrared, this gas grill features two burners that keep everything at the right temperature, making sure that the food you grill comes out nicely every time. This gas grill also allows you to drop woodchips into the grill area for a smoky wood flavor incorporated into your food.

All of the company’s products are made from stainless steel, making sure that it is durable enough to last for many years. This also makes the grill easier to clean and wipe down after each use, the dirt being simply scrubbed. If you are planning to purchase a grill anytime soon then you should seriously consider looking for one that is made by Char Broil.

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