The Advantages and Disadvantages of Zumba DVD

Zumba fitnessMixing dance with exercise is a fine way of getting fit, and that is exactly what the Zumba DVD is all about.

But there might be one too many self-help guides and videos in your closet that you can hardly appreciate the Zumba routine.  Well, a product always has advantages and disadvantages, and knowing them can be a great help in determining of it is worth your money and time.

Disadvantages of Zumba fitness Dance

Let us take up the disadvantages first for a change.  The Zumba DVD may be just another dance-cum-exercise self-training kit.  It is true that dancing is not for everyone, so if you feel unfit to dance, then Zumba is definitely not for you.

However, there is no penalty for not following instructions.  There is a large margin for liberty and mistake, which may be considered far from the disciplined and effective way of exercising.

Another disadvantage of the Zumba DVD kit is that its green exercise sticks appear inadequate for a more intense workout.  You may want to change them with a good set of dumbbells.Zumba fitness DVD

It is time-consuming to perfect the curls combined with the hip sways as suggested in the video.  But that is the Zumba way of toning your biceps and trimming your waist.  And just when you are already at the peak of your dance-cum-exercise habit, you suddenly wake up to the realization that there are only three Zumba DVD pieces in the kit.

Then the greatest let down of all is the price of the Zumba DVD kit.  The $60 price tag can be considered exorbitant, particularly since you can always dance and exercise to the disco music on the radio for free.

Advantages of Zumba fitness Dance

As for the advantages of the Zumba workout, there are also plenty.  The kit comes with hour long sessions covering the basic moves and cardio party lessons.

And when you run out of time, you can do the 20-minute Zumba express cardio exercise instead. Then the kit contains meal plans and sample recipes that you can easily do at home to start your Zumba appetite rolling.  Then if you want to witness how other exercises do their versions of the Zumba moves, you can check out the live workout Zumba DVD.  At least, you know you are not alone in making mistakes as you try to combine dance and exercise the Zumba way.

Also, the 30-day home free trial version of the Zumba DVD kit is just about right if you are just a curious lot.  Additionally, the DVD kit offers a new way of doing exercise.  You may have replayed your trusted kit at home so many times that you want something fresh.  If so, then the Zumba is for you.  However, if you are serious about working out, the Zumba DVD kit may not appeal to you.

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