The 2012 All New VW Beetle: At Last They’ve Got The Design Right!

When Volkswagen first changed the design of the much loved Beetle, round about the time when the new Mini was introduced, where you a little underwhelmed? The shape certainly looked like a Beetle but there was something missing. It was too clean, too curved, the car was just, well, it had no character. The exact opposite of the old Beetle. Now take the revamped Mini. They had the redesign spot on. Still retaining the original shape and oomph of the old model, they managed to capture a new audience with a different iconic look; a shape that still reminded you of the old Mini but took it into the 21st century. Compared to that, the new Beetle was uninspiring and insipid.

Now its all changed. This is what Beetle fans have been waiting for and this is what should had been revealed at the original revamp; a gutsy, full on version of the old but taking the best of the original design and reworking it into a modern new icon. When you look at a new version you should gasp in delight and this is exactly what you do when you see the 2012 Beetle. The gorgeous sleek contours are perfectly interrupted with sharp configurations and retro lines that brilliantly grab your attention. This is a car you instantly want to drive, not look embarrassed to be in. And there is a host of modern features and technology. From three engine choices of 2.0L TSI® turbocharged gasoline engine, 2.0L TDI Clean Diesel and 2.5L five cylinder engine, to Keyless Entry an available panoramic sunroof and much more. The 2012 Beetle has something for everyone.

You can also expect to get a customary dual exhaust, 19-inch wheels and personalization options such as colors, wraps and an annual theme model. The brand team at Volkswagen, headed by Klaus Bischoff, defined the shape of the new Beetle by using three semi-circles (front wing, rear wing, domed roof above it), which gives the car a lower profile, a longer hood and a steeper front windshield. They have stretched the Beetle 3.3 inches wider and 6 inches longer, creating a more sporting, powerful appearance. They also changed the rear spoiler of the new 2012 VW Beetle by integrating it the design of the car with a black top and a body color under side. It is little details such as this that just adds to the overall look of the car and gives it a grown up and serious feel about it.

Other small details include the interior which now have an instrument panel arranged directly in front of the driver (tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge) that provides all key information at a glance. And, you have the choice of different steering wheels as they are specially designed with optional painted accents in the spokes depending on the equipment line. And check out the music system! Available on the 2012 VW Beetle is the Fender Premium Audio System, which adds an additional subwoofer as standard and 400 watts of output power along with proprietary Panasonic® speaker technology. This covers the interior of the car with directional sound from front door speakers and front dual voice coil speakers. If you choose this sound system you also receive adjustable interior ambiance lighting. I don’t know about you but I want one, and I want one now!

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