The 10 Most Important Things To Pack In A Diaper Bag

If you’re a new parent you may look at your diaper bag with excitement or you could be worried about what you’re going to put in there for your first road trip. There are any different things that a parent can decide to put in their bag when it’s packed. Here are some of the items you won’t want to forget in your bag as they are needed on most any trip you take.


When you pack a bag these should be the first thing in. Sure it’s easy to say, well…duh, but in truth they can be overlooked. Many a new parent simply assumes that their bag actually has diapers in it.


The first item a fresh parent says won’t be needed on this quick trip to the corner store. It will quickly become the item that is checked for first because they are so useful.

Diaper Rash Remedy

Whether yours is powder, Vaseline, Desitin or your preferred method for taking care of any little rashes that spring up on sensitive baby bottoms.

Extra outfits

Again, these are an item that is often though unnecessary on a short trip but dreadfully missed when not on hand.


You will never be as unhappy as the moment you realize you have to change your child’s diaper in a public restroom and don’t have something from home for your child to lay their head on. Keeping at least one emergency blanket in your bag is the ideal way for you to be protected against this dilemma. Additionally, having a blanket on hand can solve all sorts of issues with a baby and clothing problems. If your child runs through all the onezies you’ve packed, a blanket is an excellent substitute.


Because it’s a basic need it is another, often-assumed-there already there item. There are nice, readymade bottles that make it terribly convenient to feed baby on the fly. If you’re nursing then you may like to have your necessary items on hand. 

Infant first aid kit

This is an item many parents claim never make it into their diaper bag until the first time they find they need to take their baby’s temperature and they don’t have a thermometer. Or maybe they need to give some medicine and don’t have any means to distribute it with. There are many, tiny little kits available that are easy to toss in a bag so you know you have everything in one spot.


You’ll want to have at least one of these on hand even if your little one is a tidy eater and never spits up. The day you underestimate their ability to spit up is the day you’ll wish you had a big or two along for easy clean up. It’s a great idea to keep at least one emergency big tucked safely away for the day you forget to pack one.

Mommy and Daddy First aid kit

It’s not a bad idea to bring along some medicinal items for the adults of the journey. You’re bound to be running on little sleep and there is a little known fact about many over the counter pain relievers-they usually have a fair amount of caffeine in them. If you can’t get to a coffee maker this can be one way of making it through your day with the minimum amount of shut eye you’ve had.


If you’re not nursing it’s a smart idea to designate one bottle the ‘diaper bag’ bottle. This way you know that you always have one packed and ready to serve your little miracle a healthy meal.

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