Thankful for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays in America that almost everyone celebrates, and it is probably as American as a holiday gets. It is not just for Pilgrims and Native Americans. It has become the day when the whole family and some friends can get together and give thanks for each other, or one’s health. A day when we realize that the best things in life are free, because with all the food and football, the one thing we look for the most is that every chair is filled with someone we love. It is the day when we put aside our differences and the stress that we get from other aspects of our lives. Thanksgiving is certainly a day to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate one’s health than with a meal that can stop a heart, well once a year it is acceptable.

Why we celebrate

We celebrate the harvest, but we are far from the only country or culture that has a day of thanks. Traditions of rituals to give thanks can be traced all the way to Egyptians and Romans, of course for different reasons, but the fact that other cultures had a similar celebration indicates that we have a need as a society, to be thankful for our blessings. Six other countries currently have a day of thanks. Argentina, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Brazil and Switzerland all have a celebration of thanksgiving. They all focus on family and a time of peace. Usually people in those countries celebrate with a huge meal as well. Hey, how can you have a celebration to give thanks for good fortunes, and not also be thankful for a delicious homemade meal? We are not alone in the concept so having a day to give thanks, may be a humble gesture to show love.

How we celebrate

Although other countries may have a day to say thanks, nobody does it better than Americans. Thanksgiving may be the one time the country as a whole could use a Texas slogan. Everything is bigger in America. One of the world’s most famous parades is held in New York City to celebrate Thanksgiving. Since 1924 the Macys Thanksgiving day parade has kicked off the holiday season. Thousands gather in NYC to witness some of the most amazing parades, filled with balloons, music and holiday spirit. Then there is the traditional turkey meal, prepared by families all over the country. There may not be a thanksgiving meal without Turkey, but at least one lucky turkey gets a Presidential pardon. And if parades and eating until you can’t eat anymore (or a gravy induced heart attack) is not enough then there is football. The most American sport and the most American holiday seem to go hand in hand.

What we celebrate

I am convinced Thanksgiving is a great holiday, and as American as it gets. There is also no doubt that the meal, and the parades, and the football will make for one happy day. We would do ill to forget however what we celebrate. If you have any question as what we celebrate in Thanksgiving you do not need to do any more than to look at the faces around the table. Yes even those eyes looking from the floor with a wagging tail are something to be grateful about. It is family, it is friends, and it is the fact that you can spend this day with them. That even when not every day of the year was perfect, this one day you can sit with them and say thanks, not just because you are able to be there with them, but because they can also be there with you.

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