Thank You Teacher – Thinking up ways to thank a special Teacher

With the end of term fast approaching and summer holidays drawing near, pupils all over the country will be thinking up ways to thank their special teacher for the hours spent tutoring them. If your child is younger, y

Thank You Teacher - Thinking up ways to thank a special Teacher


ou will be called upon to help pick out a card and choose a gift for them and probably even pay for it. Older kids will have their own allowances and be able to make the decision of what to buy and how much to spend themselves. Primary school children however, will look to you for inspiration and this is where budget and time comes in.

If your child wants to make a handmade card, head off to somewhere like Hobbicraft, who have a hpencil sharpener- gettingpersonal.co.ukuge range of blank template cards and stick on pictures and greetings where you and your child can customise the card to your own personal specification. Or if you are on a budget, simply buy a nice piece of coloured card and get your child to write in coloured pens and draw whatever she or he feels is appropriate.

For gifts, check out www.gettingpersonal.co.uk which have some great unique gifts such as this Sharpener Desk Tidy, a brilliant idea for the office to help keep your desk looking sharp and tidy. This cool desk tidy shaped like a pencil sharpener will soon be the talk of your office! You can personalise the sharpener by engraving the metal part and the mug - gettingpersonal.co.uksharpener costs £14.99 with £2.99 standard delivery. Also from this website is this cleverly personalised – World’s Best Teacher – ceramic mug featuring name and created just for your special teacher. You can put any name on it with a first name and a surname, it features a high gloss colour finish with a full wrap vibrant print and is 100% fully dishwasher and scratch resistant safe. The perfect gift for your special teacher. Cost is £9.99.

For something a little different and inspired, have a look at www.buyagift.co.uk where we found this amazing IQ Test IQ Gift Box for £24. Most people have never completed a proper IQ test and are curious to find out just how intelligent they are. This little gift can give someone that opportunity! Each box contains a sealed IQ test, designed by IQ expert Philip Carter. The test is accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions, interesting facts and the brain and IQ test and a postage paid envelope to return the test for marking.

fluffyduck - practicalgifts.org


iq - buyagift.co.uk


Finally, if you want to help the environment as well as say thank you to your special teacher, how about visiting www.practicalpresents.org where you can look after a poor family in Bangladesh by buying them some ducks. The eggs are nutritious and tasty, while the ducks can also be bred and sold to generate desperately needed income to pay for food, clothing and other necessities. The ducks cost £12 and you can buy them on behalf of your teacher who will receive a gift pack and a special keepsake.

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