Tesco Launch Blinkbox: A new way to watch movies and TV

According to The Gadget Show, Blinkbox is the ‘Best UK movie streaming service’ around. Blinkbox was founded in 2006, but is now part of Tesco, which means they are a 100% legal and above board way of watching movies online and without a subscription. Blinkbox allows you to watch the latest releases and only pay for what you want to watch, without being tied in to a monthly subscription. And Blinkbox manages to get the newest blockbusters months or even years before they become available as part of subscription services like LOVEFiLM or Netflix. If you rent a film you then have 30 days to start watching it. Buy it, and it’s yours to own and enjoy forever.

With Blinkbox you can watch movies or television shows in a number of ways, either on your SmartTV, Xbox 360, iPad, PC or Mac or TV connected to your PC or Mac. To join, all you do is register to create an account, then select from the latest movies or best-selling TV shows and follow the instructions to either rent or buy. Then sit back and enjoy! As there is no subscription and no commitment, you pay only for the movies you watch – as many or as few as you like. I mean, let’s face it – how many of us forget to cancel our direct debit and end up paying for something we’re not even using? And compared with other on-demand services, Blinkbox offer some unbeatable advantages:

You can choose from the latest blockbusters as well as an amazing library of film classics and best-selling TV shows – they have over 10,000 titles to choose from. Blinkbox also offers a selection of Free TV which you can stream instantly for no cost, and includes comedy such as Saturday Night Live and Rob Brydon, animated adventures like Batman and Thundercats, documentary programmes such as Unlocking The Da Vinci Code and much more. Blinkbox also have special offers available for series catch ups and seasons.

Movie rentals start from £2.49 and from £3.99 to buy whilst TV programmes start from 99p and are typically around £1.89 per episode.

For more information visit the Blinkbox site.

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