Tesco Diets sign-up price reduction

Tesco Diets are happy to announce a reduction in their sign up price to the end of January 2013.Tescodiets

They are now offering the below prices :

£12.90 – 6 weeks for the price of 4 (save 33%)

£29.90 – 3 month plan

£49.90 – 6 months with 1 month free

Try the ReNew Diet Plan, exclusive for January, lose up to 1 stone in 6 weeks

More from Tesco Diets…

– Money back guarantee. If you don’t love Tescodiets.com they will give you your money back
– Earn clubcard points on everything you spend
– Tesco Diets is the only online diet service offering a one month joining option at only £12.90
and with their money back guarantee you have nothing to lose except the weight
– Tesco Diets has helped over half a million people so far

More to Love…

– Losing weight without feeling hungry
– Eating what you love and trying new, exciting foods too
– Not having to think about what to cook and what to buy
– Getting your ingredients delivered to your door if you choose too
– Quick to cook and family friendly options
– Record your new weight quickly online
– Feeling motivated, supported and healthier!
– Live nutrition and mentor team
– Feeling energised and more confident

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