Ten Top Tips to Stop you Piling on the Pounds This Christmas

With Christmas Day only a week away and the party season starting this week for some of us, it is a very tempting time of year to forget about eating healthily and/or stick to your normal diets. In fact, in studies, it has been shown that the average person eats a whopping 4 -5,000 calories on Christmas Day alone! More than double the recommended government allowance. To help you put a lid on eating but still enjoy going out and having fun, we have compiled a top ten list of tips and tricks to keep those pesky pounds off this Christmas.

#1. Have a hearty breakfast – you know what they say – ‘Breakfast like a King, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper’, and its all for good reason. Having a good hearty breakfast will set you up for the whole day and you won’t be snacking or absolutely starving by the time you get to your party.

#2. Keep drinking water – throughout the day. Water keeps you hydrated and you won’t turn up at the venue gasping for a drink. Sometimes we mistake feeling hungry for being thirsty so always make sure you have a bottle of water with you.

#3. Start off with a non alcoholic drink – when you arrive at your party. We are usually thirsty when we first get to our destination and tend to gulp down the first drink so make it a soft one that quenches your thirst, rather than an alcoholic one. This way you will be able to sip your next few drinks and really enjoy them.

#4. Eat before you drink – will ensure that the sugar in the alcohol is absorbed before it can hit your bloodstream. As alcohol is mostly sugar, by eating a small snack of nuts or berries, you will avoid putting on weight from the alcohol and it is also much better than drinking on an empty stomach.

#5. Avoid sugary mixers – Mixing your spirits with fizzy drinks like cola give you a calorie double-whammy. Choose vodka over wine, and mix your spirits with soda water, and a squeeze of lime if it suits.

#6. Eat carbs & proteins before sweets – when you finally reach the buffet, if you go for carbohydarates such as bread, potatoes and crackers, andcold meats or cheese, it will fill you up and keep you full for longer so you don’t feel hungry. This is because sweet things cause a spike in insulin levels which quickly drop leaving you even more hungry.

#7. Choose smaller portions of desserts – but make them rich ones like a small slice of a rich chocolate torte or have larger potrions of healthier ones such as fruit salad or Champagne jelly.

#8. Eat your greens – on Christmas Day it’s usually all about the turkey and roast potatoes, but don’t forget to fill up on your leafy greens and not just on the day itself. Try to eat as many healthy greens as possible throughout the festive season. It keeps you regular and your system cleaner than if you avoided greens all month.

#9. Give yourself a forfeit – every time you have a drink, try to remember how many you have had each time you go out and the next day, do 10 sit ups for each one you had. This way you won’t feel guilty about drinking and you can still enjoy yourself. It won’t burn off all the calories, but it makes you think about what you’re consuming and makes you accountable.

#10. Have fun! Remember, Christmas Day is only one day out of the whole year and if you want to pig out then go for it, so long as you eat sensibly for the rest of the time it’s not going to matter too much. Just don’t make a habit of it!

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