Ten of the Most Sensual Valentine’s Day Presents

Ten of the Most Sensual Valentine’s Day Presents

This Valentine’s Day, whether you are going out for a romantic dinner, or staying in with your loved one, why not spice things up by giving them a sensual Valentine’s Day gift?

We have found products for the bath to get you in the mood, candles that add to the atmosphere, and even oils that mimic your own pheromones.

So if you have been with your partner for years, or are just meeting someone for the first time, these products will certainly enhance your Valentine’s Day:

Sensual Valentine’s Day

A lovely floral scent from this massage bar that features little raised hearts to do all the massaging.

From: lushusa.com

Sensual Valentine’s Day

This is a warming lubricant that contains all natural ingredients. It works when it comes into contact with your own body’s moisture and produces a sensual warming feeling.

From: amazon.com

A game that contains 100 sticks, printed on both sides that feature either a truth or dare for your partner. Guaranteed to spice up your night.

From: uncommongoods.com

Channel your inner Christian (or Christina) Grey with this saucy eye mask. Comes in black or white satin, made from 100% polyester with an elasticated back.

From: shopbop.com

Sensual Valentine’s Day

This contains pheromones alongside the oils of jasmine, sandalwood and ripe plum, which are supposed to act as an aphrodisiac. Whether they do or not, it certainly smells divine!

From: ulta.com

  • Luz De La Riva 24K Edible Massage Oil – $24

An oil you can smear all over your partner’s body, and then lick it off. Tastes fruity and contains tiny little flakes of gold which are also edible.

From: Walmart.com

Sensual Valentine’s Day

This is a massage candle which you light and once it is melting, you pour the hot wax onto your partner. Just keep it away from the curtains.

From: brookstone.com

Sensual Valentine’s Day

Apply yourself or get your partner to dust you with this gorgeous glittering body powder and leaving you smelling of honeysuckle. Use before or after you go out.

From: kamasutra.com

Designed to be used on every part of your body, this kit includes massage lotion, lickable oil, massage bars and oil, a candle and some lip lube. All different flavours and textures to ensure the perfect night in.

From: goodvibes.com

Express yourself in the form of an artistic painting with this special piece of kit. It includes a white cotton canvas, black or red non-toxic paint, plastic sheeting and disposable slippers. All you pair have to do now is cover yourselves in the paint and get arty.

From: uncommongoods.com

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