10 Awesome Infinity Swimming Pools in the World

It’s a new craze that shows no signs of dying out; I’m speaking about swimming in fantastic infinity pools. And some swimming pools are just breath taking to say the least. You have to have a clear head for heights, as many of these new style swimming pools sit atop hundred storey hotel rooftops, and then appear to disappear into the horizon, it is this, in fact, that makes them an infinity pool! Oh and it helps to have plenty of money, as you can’t just book a session for a couple of lengths in these type of pools, you have to stay in the actual hotels they are housed in.

But if you have money to spend on a fabulous holiday, and swimming in the heavens has always been a dream for you, then check out our top ten most awesome infinity swimming pools.

1. Marina Bay Sands Swimming Pool – Singapore

arina Bay Sands Swimming Pool - Singapore

Marina Bay Sands – Picture: Reuters

This hotel has to be seen to be believed, the architecture is simply amazing. The hotel itself consists of three huge pillars, which are filled with guest accommodation, then sitting on top of the pillars is the famed infinity swimming pool. Seriously, this is one mind bending swim and not for the faint hearted. The pool dips over the edge of a fantastic landscape of Singapore’s city. View at night for some really amazing sights.

2. San Alfonso del Mar Swimming Pool – Chile

San Alfonso del Mar Swimming Pools - Chile

San Alfonso del Mar – Picture: Barcroft Media

This is the world’s largest pool costing a cool $1bn to create, and holds 66m gallons. It is said to be so big you can even sail boats on it! The Crystal Lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar resort, Chile comes with its own fake beach and measures three fifths of a mile – that’s 20 Olympic-size swimming pools. Filled with crystal clear seawater, it attracts millions of intrepid swimmers each year.

3. The Cambrian Hotel Swimming Pool – Swiss Alps

the Cambrian Hotel Swimming Pool - Swiss Alps

Cambrian Hotel

Ever dreamt of swimming in a heated pool whilst breathing in the crisp mountain air at the same time? Head to the Cambrian Hotel in the Swiss Alps, where you can combine a morning of skiing with an afternoon of floating about, with mountain views in every direction.

4. Parinee Ism Swimming Pool- Mumbai

Parinee Ism Swimming Pool- Mumbai

Parinee Ism – Picture: James Law Cybertecture

Floating swimming pools on the balconies of the Parinee Ism in Mumbai, certainly not for the fainted hearted, but what a fabulous idea! No more queuing with the rest of the residents, now you have your very own individual pool, looking out over onto the city of Mumbai. Wonder how long it will take for this to become standard with Holiday Inns?

5. The Gansavoort Hotel Swimming Pool – New York City

The Gansavoort Hotel Swimming Pool - New York City

Gansevoort-NYC – Picture: Kiwi Collection

Situated in the heart of Manhattan, with stunning views of the Empire State building, swim away to your hearts content in this heated outdoor rooftop pool, which is set twenty stories above the city. And you won’t encounter any riff raff either, as the pool is exclusively for guests.

6. Bondi Icebergs Swimming Pool – Sydney Australia

Bondi Icebergs Swimming Pool - Sydney Australia

Bondi Iceberg

This is infinity with a difference! Don’t expect soothing calm waters here, instead look out for crashing waves, tidal splashes and a whole lot of fun! The 50-metre ocean pool sits astride the rolling waves of south Bondi Beach, beneath Icebergs, one of the city’s most glam restaurants and cocktail bars.

7. Beverly Hills Hilton Swimming Pool – California

Beverly Hills Hilton Swimming Pool - California

Beverly Hilton – Picture Kiwi Collection

Not strictly an infinity pool, but a great way to catch up with the latest releases from the movie world. In this pool you can watch a movie when you visit The Beverly Hilton and take a dip in the largest heated outdoor hotel pool. Opt for drinking cocktails in the shallow end or go for a deep swim in its 10 foot deep area, too.

8. The Atlantis Resort Swimming Pool – Bahamas

The Atlantis Resort Swimming Pool - Bahamas

Atlantis Bahamas

If you are searching for a super fun packed water based holiday for the whole family, then take heed of the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. This is probably the ultimate destination in the Caribbean and features include water slides through to shark tanks. There are more than 20 swimming areas, so book at least a couple of weeks to make sure you can fit in all the pool fun!

9. Sheraton Swimming Pool – Waikiki

Sheraton Swimming Pool - Waikiki

Waikiki Sheraton

This has to be one of the most spectacular infinity pools in the world, and we love it! The Sheraton in Waikiki comes with stunning views as you would expect, and try to catch a sunrise or sunset for a special time of day.

10. Roundhill Swimming Pool – Montengro Bay

Roundhill Swimming Pool - Montengro Bay

Roundhill – Picture: Kiwi Collection

Did you know that the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly frequented Round Hill Hotel back in the day? Now you can experience the sheer luxury of lying in dead calm water, and gazing out over the stunning scenery of Jamaica.

Source: Celebrations.com

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