10 Great Stocking Fillers for Him and Her under $50

We have looked at suggestions for luxury stocking fillers for men and women, so now it is time for a cheaper alternative. The great thing about cheaper stocking fillers is that there is so much choice; from candies to gadgets, office accessories to knitwear.

We have managed to narrow down cheap stocking fillers to five each for him and her:


  • Olio E Osso Pre Shave Oil – $35.00

A bottle of soothing natural oils that works to soften the skin before shaving. The oils create a natural barrier between the skin and the razor, and helps to combat the harsh effects of shaving.

From: olioeosso.com

You get a rich, deep bass with these headphones and a full range of sound with crystal clear notes and integrated controls for Apple devices. The closed-back, on-ear design means no external noise and the lightweight design is really comfortable no matter how long you wear them for.

From: amazon.com

  • Pocket Fish Knife – Guppy – $25.00

A cute little pocket knife that can be used in a multitude of occasions, from picnics to camping trips, opening letters at the office and much more. Available with tails of three different colours, including blue, green and white.

From:  areaware.com

Made using a real stone that has been found along the coast of New Hampshire. There is a hole inside where you can keep your keys safe. As the stone is authentic it will no doubt fool everyone! Includes a rubber stopper on the bottom.

From: uncommongoods.com

So many designs, so little time to choose one. Have a look on the website and pick which one suits your recipient, then choose the colour of the background. Or custom write your own for $20.

From: variouskeytags.com


Classic deck of tarot cards images inspired by Roberto de Angelis’s paintings of the Tarot images. Each card is finished with beautiful gold foil accents, and is perfect whether you are a beginner or more advanced readers. There is an instruction booklet and 78 cards.

From: urbanoutfitters.com

Just coming in at the fifty dollar mark, these ear buds from Sonix are so lightweight you won’t know you are wearing them. The sound quality however is amazing. The ear buds have polished gold plating which makes them super comfortable.

From: Nordstrom.com

This is what stocking fillers are all about. A gorgeous plain beanie hat that will suit all ladies, and available in four colours, should you not like the pink, there’s also navy and white striped, back and grey. Made using 92% merino wool and 8% cashmere so do not hand wash!

From: everlane.com

Beautiful scented candle in a pear-shaped ceramic holder that you can use again and again and makes a great stocking filler. The candle will burn for around 10 hours and the holder is made using a patterned metal. Height 5”.

From: hm.com

Gorgeous set of cute little lights that can be used at any time of the year. Place them in a hurricane lamp or drape around a bedstead, form a word or hang over a mantelpiece.

From: urbanoutfitters.com

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