10 Coolest Tech Gifts for Christmas 2016

10 Coolest Tech Gifts for Christmas 2016

Know a tech geek in your life that just has to have the latest cool gadget? In the past you might have found it particularly difficult to buy a present for them. The problem is, how do you sort out the gimmicks from the really useful stuff that people will actually get pleasure out of using? Don’t worry, we’ve done it for you. From home technology to fitness to artistic and much more. We have narrowed down ten of the coolest tech gifts that, once you see, you might even want to buy for yourself…

Plume Wi-Fi Pods - $39

Do you know someone that always complains that they live in an area with poor Wi-Fi signal, or they happen to have some rooms that do not get great coverage? Give them these Wi-Fi pods and they’ll love you forever. Each pod provides a new source point in your home that distributes the network more effectively. And they look cool too to be among the coolest tech gifts category.

From: plumewifi.com

All-New Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Black - $45

One device that use voice commands to play music, read emails, send communications, order goods, set household controls, give the news, set alarms and so much more. This 2nd generation Echo-Dot is slightly smaller than the original and lighter. Comes in an array of different finishes including leather, denim and fabric.

From: amazon.com

AVA Wireless Headphones - $50

Bluetooth connectivity means these are totally wireless headphones, but we also love the stylish design. There is a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and you power the phones with rechargeable batteries.

From: urbanoutfitters.com

Spire Activity Tracking Device - $99.95

To keep you well-adjusted and fit, this is a fitness tracking device that you wear and it monitors your breathing, heart rate and calorie intake. All this data is processed to give you feedback on how to better your life. Working with the app, it provides breathing exercises and meditations, plus other tips.

From: spire.io

Aurora Light Kit - $200

There’s no doubt that light and colour affect our moods. This kit from Aurora comes with nine panels that inter-lock and can be set to different colours from warm sunsets to bright daylight. Attaches easily to any flat surface including walls, ceilings and tables and control with your smartphone.

From: store.moma.org

Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay A1 Speakers - $249

Beautifully crafted to give a truly 3D sound, these speakers come in four colours that are inspired by nature – red, green, natural grey and black. The rounded pebble design has sleek edges and gives a crystal clear sound, big bass and sharp notes, even when turned up to maximum volume. Small enough to sit in the palm of your hand.

From: beoplay.com

Moto Insta-Share Projector - $274.99

Project and share instantly! This projector is a snap-on device that fits perfectly over your Motorola smartphone and turns it into a projector. It allows you to project moves, TV shows, and sports games, anything you would normally view on your screen onto a black plain wall.

From: amazon.com

Dandelight with Dome - $375

This is about as beautiful and contemporary as tech gifts gets. A fragile dandelion that has been made into a light source by taking every one of the dandelion’s downy seeds and turning them into LED lights. Your recipient will not be able to stop gazing at this, we promise!

From: store.moma.org

M3D Micro 3D Printer - $410

Yes you can actually buy a 3D printer for under $500! Admittedly this one is a micro-printer but it is still big enough to print off phone cases, toys, sculptures and mini people. Amazing value!

From: amazon.com

Klio is described as an interactive art platform. Basically this means you get a frame that look like any other normal picture that you hang up on the wall, but this one displays digital art that moves and interacts in subtle ways. There are loads of options, from landscapes with falling autumnal leaves, to modern contemporary models, in fact, there are over three hundred works of digital art that you can add later on.

From: app.klioart.com

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