10 Best Winter Warming Beauty Products

10 Best Winter Warming Beauty Products

There’s nothing about winter that I like. Apart from getting into a hot bath and trying out new beauty products. I particularly like the self-heating ones that use chemicals or natural ingredients to warm up your skin. Gone are the days when a winter warming product meant wrapping your head in a towel. Nowadays, winter warming products use natural ingredients to heat upon impact.

Winter warming products come in many guises, from hair treatments that add moisture to damaged ends, to skincare masks that draw out impurities.

Here are our favourites:

winter warming

The Lush Hottie contains natural warming ingredients such as ginger and black pepper and the bubble-shaped bar can be used to massage out any tense areas. It works to stimulate the circulation (a must when the weather is cold) and features vanilla for a lovely sweet fragrance.

From: uk.lush.com

This is a scrub that you use in the shower and contains ingredients that activate on damp skin. Has a warming sensation and aids circulation when applied in a circular motion. Contains Therminerals which heat up when applied to wet skin.

From: boots.com

winter warming

Another self-activating body scrub that heats up on wet or damp skin and contains essential oils along with volcanic ash to purify and detox the skin. Eases muscle aches and aids circulation.

From: Debenhams.com

If, like me, your hair has suffered from dry or split ends thanks to the cold, then this hair mask from Dove could be the answer. It is a two-step application, you apply the nourishing treatment mask onto mid lengths and ends, then put on the heating solution over the mask which works to encourage a deeper treatment.

From: boots.com

Lovely little egg that contains warming balm for getting rid of blackheads. Simply massage a tiny bit onto the affected area and wait for the treatment to heat up. Wait for three to five minutes before rinsing off.

From: yesstyle.co.uk

Feet tend to suffer in the winter as they are forced into sweaty wellington boots and have to cope with extreme cold and then hot temperatures. Treat your feet with this warming foot cream, which contains menthol and camphor. Working together they add both heating and cooling effects which increase circulation.

From: Net-a-Porter.com

  • Sanctuary Spa Active Reverse 30 Day Thermal Transformation – £27.50

winter warming

A two-step spa treatment here that you can use at home. Apply the serum first and then put the clay mask over it. Massage both products until you feel them warm up,. Leave for 15 minutes and the serum allows the benefits of the mask to penetrate deeply into the skin. Helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

From: sanctuary.com

A warming facial scrub here that uses prickly pear extract to rid the skin of dead cells, whilst the thermal technology encourages the penetration of salicylic acid and retinol. Contains white tea which helps to preserve collagen, liquorice and vitamins A, C and E help to brighten and firm skin whilst adding antioxidants. Skin texture is improved and brightened.

From: amazon.co.uk

A facial skincare product here that acts on impact to open pores to allow any TriLASTIN product to penetrate more deeply into the skin to deliver nourishment, vitamins and hydration. Use in combination with other TriLASTIN products for the best effects.

From: trilastin.com

This body scrub contains natural sea salts, root ginger and pure Eucalyptus Oil to create a warming fusion that is an instant pick-me-up. It works to improve circulation and detoxes. Leaves your skin feeling fresh and smoothed.

From: mankind.co.uk

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