Ten of the Best Winter Duvets to keep you warm in 2017

winter duvets

If you’re anything like us in the Shoppersbase office you’ll hate feeling cold in bed. Now is a good time to start looking for a lovely warm and cosy winter duvet.

There are two options, you can opt for a heavy one (over 12.5 tog) or choose multiple ones that you can use all year-round by adding or subtracting them throughout the year.

You should also consider what the duvet is made of. Anyone with allergies should steer clear of natural fillings such as feathers and opt for microfibre synthetic ones. The one exception to this are silk winter duvets which are particularly good for allergy sufferers.

Consider also whether you want to wash the duvet at home.

Here are our recommendations for winter duvets, sizes are given for each brand.

John Lewis The Basics Microfibre Duvets, 13.5 Tog – from £17.00

winter duvets

If you don’t like a weighty duvet on top of you then this lightweight winter duvet is super-lightweight and made from microfibres.  Nice tog rating of 13.5 which will keep you warm and toasty all night. Available in sizes single, double and king-size.

From: johnlewis.com

Fogarty Superfull – from £20

winter duvets

For those who prefer a heavier feeling on top of them at night then this winter duvet is as thick as you like, made using a spiral fibre filling and using material that is allergy-treated. Available in sizes from single up to super king-size.

From: dunelm.co.uk

Slumberdown Winter Warm 15 Tog Duvet – from £21.99

winter duvets

Anyone that really feels the cold will love this duvet thanks to the hefty 15 tog. The material is a microfibre made from spun polyester and it is treated for allergy sufferers. You can also bung it in the washing machine. Our only bugbear, sizes only available up to king-size.

From: argos.co.uk

Ikea Rodtoppa – from £40

winter duvets

If getting too hot and sweaty during the night is a particular problem with you then this duvet might interest you. Fairly lightweight tog of 12 but the outer material is made from breathable lyocell and cotton. You can also wash it a 60 degrees, which is high enough to kill off pesky dust mites, and great for allergy sufferers.  Sizes go up to king-size.

From: ikea.com

Julian Charles Feels Like Down – from £55

winter duvets

Anyone that loves the natural feeling of down but can’t sleep under it because of allergies will love this ‘feels like down’ duvet. It is made using thousands of little microfibre clusters which give the feeling of down, but in an anti-allergic way. The filling is evenly distributed throughout the duvet and it washes up well. Available in sizes up to super king and currently all sizes are half price, so a great bargain.

From: juliancharles.co.uk

Arctic Duvet 18 Tog Duck Feather and Down – from £59.95

winter duvets

Made using duck down and feathers, this arctic winter duvet will warm the coldest of people thanks to the hefty 18 tog rating. This is thanks to the super-soft and breathable filling which floats above you but keeps you snug and warm, even on the coldest nights. You won’t need extra blankets when you have this winter duvet on your bed. Available in sizes from single to super king.

From: houseofbath.co.uk

The White Company Hungarian Goose Down – from £125

winter duvets

Goose down is undoubtedly the softest and lightest of fillings and feels like pure luxury. This one also uses feathers for weight and comes in various tog ratings, including 13.5 and an all-seasons one. It is especially constructed to distribute the filling throughout with no empty spaces. Sizes available from single to super-king.

From: thewhitecompany.com

Soak & Sleep All Seasons Luxury Duck Down Duvet – from £135.00

winter duvets

Now if natural fillings float your boat then this one is made using duck down and feathers. There are lots of options regarding tog rating, but we like the all-seasons one which comprises of two duvets, one with a 4.5 tog rating and another with a 9 tog. If you haven’t used a duck down duvet before then this feels like pure luxury and is breathable but snug throughout the night. All the feathers have been sourced from birds that were already in the food industry. Sizes available from single to super-king.

From: soakandsleep.com

Rested Outlast All Seasons – from £165

winter duvets

This is our only winter duvet that uses material designed from NASA. The fabric is thermo-regulating fabric, which means it adjusts to your body temperature throughout the night, so if you feel the cold but your partner is always hot, this duvet will suit you both. Sizes from single, king and super-king.

From: rested.com

Ginglerlily Silk Filled Duvet – Winter Weight – from £220

winter duvets

Silk is a natural heat conductor and despite being a natural fibre is also hypoallergenic. This is one of our favourite winter duvets and it will last you a lifetime, and it breathes really well so if you tend to sweat a lot during the night, this duvet will keep the moisture off. Constructed using top grade mulberry silk, it is available in sizes from single up to a massive Euro super-king.

From: gingerlily.co.uk

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