10 Best White Elephant Gifts for 2016

White elephant gifts are those presents that are either too weird, tacky or unwanted to be used by the original recipient. Instead of being re-gifted the following year, some people have white elephant gift parties where they bring all their unwanted presents and swap them. While we are all for reusing and up-cycling, there are some presents that fall so naturally into the white elephant gift category, it is really hard not to buy them especially for this kind of party.

With this in mind we have selected ten of the best:

What makes a great white elephant gift is that it is not only fun but unique and this selfie toaster ticks both those boxes. All you do is send a photograph that is a good likeness of the person to the company and they will create a template that can be used again and again to make selfie toasts. Features in Time Magazine’s 25 Weirdest Gadgets of All Time.

From: amazon.com

If you have never played Cards Against Humanity you are in for a treat. It is described as a ‘party game for horrible people’ and is ‘despicable and awkward as you and your friends’. Sounds fun right? It is simple to play it, for each round one player chooses a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card.

From: cardsagainsthumanity.com

Ever wondered who shopped at Walmart? Now you can see 365 of the most unique visitors to this iconic store. Prepare yourself, this is going to be hilarious.

From: amazon.com

Anyone that is a little bit arty will love receiving this ‘make your own snow globes kit’. You get two globes to make, 12 polymer clays to mould, glues and glitter. Great fun!

From: amazon.com

Does your chin ever feel the cold? If it does, you’ll be grateful for one of these trapper beard knitted hats. The hat is an authentic and functional hat that keeps your ears and head warm, whilst the knitted beard adds an extra fun element of surprise.

From: amazon.com

The singing sensation that is so good it’s bad. Billy Bass moves to the beat whenever someone walks past him and sings, amongst other songs, “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and a brand new song “I Will Survive”.

From: amazon.com

It’s not only dogs that like to drink out of the toilet bowl apparently. This toilet bowl-shaped mug is perfect for the man who likes to shock his fellow workers or family. It holds 120z and makes a great white elephant present.

From: amazon.com

Ever heard of hot potato? Well this is an electric version. It is the size of a baseball but has small shocking nodes all over it. There are many ways to play with the shock ball, when you turn it on it gives out three random shocks every 10-30 seconds and lights up. You can play by throwing the ball or by catching it yourself.

From: shockingfun.com

This has to be the most disturbing handbag we have ever seen. A giant blue eye that winks at you in a flirty manner. The eye is actually a hologram and that is how it looks as though it is winking. Pretty cool though?

From: amazon.com

If you know someone who would love to take their social profile with them into the shower, well now they can. This shower curtain contains everything you need, you just stick your head in the profile picture space so while you are washing you can still remain on Facebook, or Twitter. Or whatever.

From: amazon.com

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