Ten of the Best Wheelbarrows 2017

Ten of the Best Wheelbarrows 2017

It has come to the time when the warmer weather means we are all starting to venture outside and sort out our gardens. Whether you have a small, medium or large garden, a wheelbarrow is an essential piece of gardening equipment.

In order to bring you the best wheelbarrows of 2017, we have looked at customer reviews and chosen the ten highest in a range of different styles:

Bosmere Solid Wheel Folding Wheelbarrow - £22.99

A perfect model if you lack storage space but still need a sturdy model that can be used over any type of terrain and carry a large amount of garden waste. This one folds away easily to be stored upright using the hanging loop and tie. It also has two locking stays for easy tipping.

From: greenfingers.com

Chillington Camden Classic Black Wheelbarrow 85L - £23.99

Manufactured using a one-piece tubular design, this is a very durable and stable model that has a nice big wheel and a narrow design so that you can easily manoeuvre it through tricky passages. There are also front tray supports that add strength to the overall design.

From: wickes.co.uk

Greenfingers Budget Steel Wheelbarrow 62.5L - £29.99

A lightweight but durable model here, thanks to the galvanised steel frame and steel tray. There is also a puncture-resistant pneumatic tyre which will last for ages and this one is particularly good for medium to smaller jobs around the garden.

From: greenfingers.com

Haemmerlin 1041 Original Wheelbarrow with Pneumatic Tyre Green 90L - £45.60

This model features a steel pan that has been coated a hard wearing epoxy coating, other features include a sturdy pneumatic tyre, front and side ribbings on the tray, countersunk nuts and bolts, double-shifted edges for safety and rigidity and galvanized tray supports.

From: jtatkinson.co.uk

Burnhills 100Ltr Classic Blue Wheelbarrow - £49.95

This is the perfect mid-range wheelbarrow as it is lightweight with a large tray, sturdy, rustproof, with well-balanced pneumatic tyres. It does come unassembled but all customer reviews state that it is very easy to put together.

From: burnhills.com

Walsall 85L Wheelbarrow - £50

Another self-assembly job here but again, customers state that it is straightforward. Good value for money as this is a strong wheelbarrow with a galvanized steel tray that will last you for ages. Highly recommended.

From: diy.com

Big Mucker 100 Ltr / 120 Kg Wheelbarrow – Green - £59.99

For big jobs around the garden you’ll need a bigger wheelbarrow and this one has a super-large but  lightweight plastic tray which helps to keep the weight down. A versatile model that could be used for either gardening, DIY jobs or animal bedding as the plastic will not react to the animal waste.

From: wheelbarrows.co.uk

County Clipper Twin Wheel Wheelbarrow – £94.95

County Clipper Twin Wheel Wheelbarrow - £94.95

You get two twin pneumatic tyres with this model which gives amazing manoeuvrability alongside the full galvanized steel frame and a plastic tray. This model is built to last thanks to the solid steel skids to cushion the shocks of bumping against concrete or gravel. The unique tyre tread helps with traction to prevent slipping and the wheel’s roller bearings guarantee years and years of easy, squeak-free rolling. Lots of colours available.

From: gardenoasis.co.uk


Another two-wheeled model here that has a super-large tray made from UV stabilised polypropylene that won’t fade in the sun. You have a front tipping nose that is square which makes it more stable, and the galvanised frame with seam welding will last for years.

From: suttons.co.uk

Bullcart Wheelbarrow by Bullbarrow - £110.00

If you prefer to pull rather than push, this wheelbarrow from Bullcart might interest you. It comes in a range of colours, and features an 85-litre capacity polypropylene pan that includes an anti-fade coating. It has a low centre of gravity which makes it easy to manoeuvre and the steel frame is coated for longevity.

From: made-to-last.co.uk

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