Ten of the Best Water Bottles

People tend to fall into two camps when it comes to water bottles. You either don’t bother having one or you re-use one that you have purchased especially.

There are people that think we should just keep using the ordinary plastic bottles that sell mineral water, what with concerns about recycling.

But if you buy a proper water bottle, that has been made specifically for holding water, you are actually doing more for the environment as you only ever buy it once and this reduces production and money in the long term.

Proper water bottles also tend to be free of the harmful BPA chemicals that are often found in plastic.

Here are the ones that caught our eyes:

Navigate Beau and Elliot Drinks Bottle – £5.99


Nothing fancy about this water bottle, it doesn’t have any special features, just stores water. But look at the pretty design on the front! If you just want a bottle that holds a liquid and looks stylish, this is a great and affordable option.

From: johnlewis.com

Freezable Water Bottle – was £12.99 now £6.49


Good bargain here for this bottle from Mountain Warehouse. Made from BPA free plastic it has an inner tube that you can remove and freeze in advance and then replace to keep your drinks cool in the heat. Brilliant for when the temperature is soaring.

From: mountainwarehouse.com

Klean Kanteen – £14


A toxin-free bottle here thanks to the high quality of the food-grade stainless steel. Always leaves the water tasting fresh and not of plastic like some containers do. Has a wide opening so you can pop in ice cubes and also makes it super easy to clean the inside.

From: cotswoldoutdoor.com

The Pint Canteen – £29.99


A super stylish way to drink water now. Available in granite (shown) or carbon, this is described as a canteen and a giant cup all in one go. Carry around your drink in the canteen until you are ready to drink it, then upturn it and it transforms into a stylish cup.

From: thefowndry.com

Bobble Infuse – £14.99

bobble water bottle

These innovative bottles have a ‘modular cap system’ that allows you to filter the chlorine out of tap water and add whatever fruits or veggies to the water. The bottle is made using recycled PET materials and no BPAs. Comes in loads of different colours and a great price too.

From: waterbobble.uk

Root 7 Citrus Zinger – £14.99

zinger water bottle

You know those ‘new waters’ on the market that have a touch of citrus in them and charge you the earth? Now you can make your own with this innovative zinger press bottle. Place any kind of citrus fruit in the bottom of the bottle and press down.

From: johnlewis.com

Brita Fill & Go – £16


Fussy about your tap water? Use a Brita filter at home? Then this is the ideal bottle for you. It has all the features of your home filtering system but in a smaller version. The filter stops chlorine, chalk and other impurities from seeping into your water via the disc at the top and there’s a no-spill straw for easy drinking.

From: amazon.co.uk

Hydaway Collapsible Bottle – £20.99


Great bottle here if you are backpacking or camping and space is of the optimum importance. Carrying bulky water bottles might be cumbersome so this collapsible one is ideal. You only need to pull it out to its full capacity (600ml) when needed. Made from BPA-free plastic.

From:  thefowndry.com

Memobottle – £22


I can see this on Dragon’s Den with the dragons laughing at it and then it goes on to become a huge success. The genius in the design is that it is a flat, rectangular bottle that is 3cm deep and developed to fit easily into a laptop bag. Brilliant! Comes in two sizes, A5 (standard, £22) and A6 (small, £20.99).

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From: thefowndry.com

VSSL Flask – £69.99

vssl water bottle

We have definitely saved the best for last. This is the Swiss Knife of flasks, it has a bright LED light in the lid and a built-in compass. The flask is made from military grade aluminium and inside are a pair of collapsible shot-sized cups and a bottle opener. Would make a great present.

From: thefowndry.com



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