Ten of the Best Vegan Chocolate Bars

vegan chocolate bars

If you are a vegetarian and the only thing that is holding you back from becoming a full on vegan is the thought of having to give up chocolate you are not alone. You’ll bepleased to know however that vegan chocolate bars can be made using all sorts of ingredients that don’t use dairy products and still taste delicious.

Ok we know that some dark chocolate can be vegan but this is an acquired taste for even the milk drinkers amongst us. Typically vegan chocolate bars are made using rice milk or coconut milk and all of these have been taste tested by our dedicated team at Shoppersbase.

Why not give these vegan chocolate bars a go? You might be surprised!

Moo Free Bunnycomb Mini Bar – £1

vegan chocolate barsMade using rice milk and little honeycomb pieces and completely dairy-free, this chocolate is super creamy and smooth and tastes delicious.

From: waitrose.com

Kinnerton Just Chocolate Dairy Free Bar – £1.50

vegan chocolate barsYou can eat this dairy free chocolate or you can use it for cakes and icing. It has no eggs, dairy or gluten or even nuts so it is ideal for anyone with allergies.

From: sainsburys.co.uk

Vivani Organic White Nougat Crisp Rice – £1.20

vegan chocolate barsEven if you are not vegan you’ll love this nougat bar with crisped rice. Made using rice milk powder and crunchy hazelnuts, it is also available in dark nougat, mandel orange and black cherry flavours.

From: planetorganic.com

Vego Whole Hazelnut – £1.99

vegan chocolate barsIf you love the combination of chocolate and nuts then you’ll love this bar, it contains whole hazelnuts, a hazelnut paste and a hazelnut cocoa cream, it is literally a nutty chocolate lover’s dream.

From: hollandandbarrett.com

Go Max Go Twilight Bar -£2

vegan chocolate barsThis is a US brand that takes on classic favourites using vegan ingredients. This really is the closest you will get to a Mars bar in vegan chocolate bar form, with creamy vegan caramel and a soft nougatine base covered in dairy-free milk chocolate. Also available in a Snickers type too.

From: vegantuckbox.co.uk

Go Max Go Buccaneer Bar – £2.10

vegan chocolate bars

If you loved Milky Way bars when you were a child but have not found a vegan chocolate bar version then try this one from Go Max. Light and fluffy centre covered in creamy rice-milk chocolate and it tastes just the same as the original.

From: veganstore.co.uk

Plamil No Added Sugar Mint Dairy Free Chocolate – £2.65

vegan chocolate bars

Missing mint chocolate bars? Try this dairy-free chocolate that uses 72% cocoa and is full of minty freshness. No added sugar and also gluten free.

From: hollandandbarrett.com

Caramel Crisp Round Up – £2.85

vegan chocolate bars

Round ups are made using vegan marshmallow in the centre and a combination of different flavourings. This one is caramel and vanilla marshmallow covered in chocolate and with crispy cereal pieces. Also available in a Wagon Wheel style, orange, champagne and mint flavours.

From: anandafoods.co.uk

Ombar Coco Almond 70g – £2.99

vegan chocolate bars

Using creamed coconut makes this chocolate really smooth and creamy. You do get a subtle hint of coconut and the sweet almonds add a lovely nutty crunch.

From: waitrose.com

Doisy & Dam, Maca, Vanilla And Cacao, 80g – £3

vegan chocolate bars

London-based vegan brand uses 74% organic dark, single-origin chocolate and add vitamins, iron and calcium-rich Peruvian maca root powder. The cacao nibs add crunch and there is also a hint of vanilla. Other flavours available include coconut and lucuma and goji and orange.

From: planetorganic.com


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