Ten of the Best Turkeys for Christmas Day


If you are a traditionalist and have to have a whole roast turkey on Christmas day you might have already ordered yours from a local butcher. If you haven’t and are looking for recommendations then you’ve come to the right place. We have spent the last week dining on different turkeys so that we can let you know which is the best for flavour, value, ease of cooking and of course, the most succulent.

In our recommendations are turkeys that are frozen, free-range, fresh and organic. They also come in various sizes so you can choose the exact one to feed your family.

When buying your turkey remember that most turkeys weigh from 4kg, which is enough for around eight people, whereas the larger ones are around 10kg which feeds up to 22.

Here are our recommendations for the best turkey:

Lidl Braemore Self-Basting Turkey – £8.99


Lovely crisp skin and succulent meat which tasted quite gamey and rich for a turkey so perhaps better for those who prefer dark meat. This bird is from a family turkey farm in North Yorkshire and has won several awards.

From: lidl.co.uk

Asda Extra Special Free Range & Corn-Fed British Bronze Whole Turkey – £34.90


Another award-winning turkey here this time from Norfolk that has been rearing turkeys for over 25 years. A slower to mature breed which gives a lovely rich flavour and the turkeys are kept in great conditions, as the farm is committed to the bird’s welfare.

From: asda.com

M&S British Free Range Pembrokeshire Bronze Turkey – from £40


From a farm on the Welsh coast where the birds can roam freely, this turkey has a strong flavour and a gorgeous crispy skin. Lovely succulent meat which doesn’t dry out.

From: marksandspencer.com

Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Bronze Game Hung Turkey – from £40


Slowly matured turkey here that is self-basting and keeps the meat very moist with a golden crisp on the outside. It has been hung for a week which allows the flavours to really develop. Dry plucked for a super crispy skin.

From: sainsburys.com

Waitrose Whole Turkey with Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing and a Bacon Lattice – from £45.00


A great hand-prepared turkey here from Waitrose, you might have seen it advertised, as it comes already stuffed with pork, sage and onion and a bacon lattice which gives a lovely salty and crispy skin. Comes in its own foil tray, just stick it in the oven.

From: waitrose.com

Booths Whole Cornfed Goosnargh Turkey – £62


Suppliers to celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Wareing, Raymond Blanc and Marco Pierre White, this bird is really top notch. The farm that raise these turkeys say that ‘a happy bird is a tasty bird’ and so the turkeys live in a large, straw-filled barn with a good corn diet. Lovely moist meat and the skin crisped up well.

From: booths.co.uk

Peachcroft Farm Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey – from £62.50


Moist meat thanks to the birds living in large paddocks from 6 weeks old. A mature breed, over 26 weeks which gives a mellow flavoured meat and makes a lovely thick gravy.

From: peachcroft.co.uk

Black Hall Farm Free-Range Bronze Turkey – from £64.95 – £102.50


This is a free range bird, raised by a local farm in Hull where the turkeys have a really mature flavour and provide a rich gravy. You can also buy these turkeys in a hamper with all the trimmings.

From: blackerhallfarmshop.co.uk

KellyBronze Free Range Turkey – from £69.28


These turkeys really are free range as they are reared wild in woodlands and therefore don’t take long to cook, so ideal for large families in a hurry. Meat is really tender and moist and doesn’t dry out at all. This is the turkey recommended by chef Jamie Oliver.

From: kellyturkeys.co.uk

Daylesford Whole Organic Bronze Turkey – £102, Daylesford


If you are concerned about your turkey’s welfare then this farm has won awards by charity organisations. The birds are allowed to roam in woodlands and pastures for a massive 180 days where they can forage naturally. Meat has a lovely buttery flavour and even tastes great when served cold the next day.

From: Daylesford.com

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